Lars Eric Mattsson's Vision

1. I’m Your Fool
2. Making Love in a Dream
3. Sail Away
4. All Over Now
5. Try One More Time
6. Round & Round
7. Never Set me Free
8. Thin Line
9. Remember This Night
10. Strangers in the Night
11. Don't Go
12. Waiting for the Rain
13. How Long

Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, keyboards
Tony Mattsson - Drums
Conny Lind - Vocals
Micke Ahlskog - Bass

Lars-Eric Mattsson's Vision (1992)
Till The End of Time (1997)
On The Edge (2004)

II:1993 (2017)

Backing vocals - Randolph Reymers and Jampa Jansson

Remastered in Lion Music's Lion's Cage II studio

Released 2017-05-04
Reviewed 2017-07-02

lion music

Twenty-five years ago Lars Eric Mattsson and his band Vision released their first album, simply titled Lars Eric Mattsson’s Vision. And it was a successful album in Japan and the band looked set for an illustrious career if it wasn’t for the bankruptcy of their label meaning that their second album wasn’t released and their route to success was halted. Now these many years alter this album along with at least four other Vision releases will be issued or reissued according to the press sheet that accompanied this album, which could mean that the band will release their first new album since 2004. The previous unreleased II will also see the light of day and the other albums, all remastered to sound their best. This release is also dedicated to the memory of bassist Micke Ahlskog who passed away in April this year, 54 years old. He will live on through his music.

This album is surprisingly vital for an album released in 1992 it has a rather fresh sound and spirit, though that may in part be down to the fear of change amongst musicians who make music for the genre it still displays forward thinking. Good sound, good vocals, I like Mattsson’s guitar work and the album has good feel. It is much, much better than it looks. The variation is good enough to keep you listening through all thirteen songs and that despite a playing time of over an hour in a genre that usually isn’t that varied. But the album has a bit of depth and it doesn’t really stand still anywhere.

I like this album; it offers good songs and is a good one to listen to. As I stated before, it is strong for an album of 25 years but I wouldn’t say it is a challenge to the best albums released these years in either sound of quality. It is a good but slightly dated album with a good collection of songs and no real weaknesses. It will certainly be worth checking out for those that are into the classic melodic hardrock music, and had we reviewed it back in the day we would probably be very positive because the vision was definitely very far forward in those days.

Time usually catch up with you and so have it done with this album, but despite that I think it is an album that is good to listen to and the song as well as the feel is very good. It is an album that still has much to offer in terms of musical entertainment, they really had a good vision back in the day.






Label: Lion Music
Three similar bands: Condition Red/Mattsson/Book of Reflections
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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