Unruly Child
Can't Go Home

01. The Only One
02. Four Eleven
03. Driving Into The Future
04. Get On Top
05. See If She Floats
06. She Can't Go Home
07. Point Of View
08. Ice Cold Sunshine
09. When Love Is Here
10. Sunlit Sky
11. Someday Somehow

Marcie Free - Vocals
Bruce Gowdy - Guitar
Guy Allison - Keyboards
Larry Antonino - Bass
Jay Schellen - Drums

Unruly Child (1992)
Waiting for the Sun (1998)
Basement Demos (2003)
UcIII (2006)
Worlds Collide (2010)
Down the Rabbit Hole - Side One (2014)



Released 2017-02-24
Reviewed 2017-03-09


They can’t go home, maybe because their dull album caused the driver to fall asleep and crash into a rock face and kill all the passenger – that’s a reason not to be able to go home. This band has a long story the debut was released 25 years ago and grand words like legendary and things like that is being thrown around by some people, personally I have not heard that album but this one has the same legendary line-up and if that is any indication I have my doubts as this album is far from being a legendary album. I would actually call it a boring album where the artwork is a lot better than the sound.

AOR or westcoast is how one could describe this album; it is like AOR but without the energy, and it has no tempo and no energy. Decent sound but not that impressive production and the same can be said about the vocalist who is completely average. And the album is long and as the tempo is at a snail’s pace and it sounds like fudge in your ears it also feels like it lacks variation and dynamics. I do not really think that Unruly Child is giving us anything that is of consequence.

The best thing about this album is that it isn’t bad, it sounds okay in all regards and as background noise it is probably good enough – unless you have problems with your sleep because then it will be trouble looming, as this is better than any sleeping pill. Yawn, that is a lasting thought I have when listening to this album, it was the first I have and the album don’t really outgrow that one either. I would describe it as a rather pointless album.

For the above reasons I recommend that you look elsewhere for your next musical kicks as the only kicks this one will give you is the ones you get when you fall to the floor after mysteriously having fallen asleep. Yeah, it is an album that feels dull and uninspired, perhaps not bad but dull and uninspired.






Label: Frontiers Music
Three similar bands: King Kobra/Signal/World Trade
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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