Fingers Burned

1. Fingers Burned
2. Bullet
3. Reward
4. We'll Stop At Nothing (Acoustic Version)

James Toseland - Vocals
Zurab Melua - Guitar
Ed Bramford - Guitar
Roger Davis - Bass
Joe Yoshida - Drums

Renegade (2015)
Cradle the Rage (2016)



Released 2017-03-31
Reviewed 2017-03-11


James Toseland has his fingers burned on his new seven-inch release, a four-track EP with a simple and effective cover. An EP that offers the title track we heard on Cradle the Rage album that was released last year, a second track called Bullet that was recorded at the same time as the album. The third track is a cover from a song by a band called The Teardrop Explodes and then we have an acoustic version of We’ll Stop at Nothing that was also heard on last year’s release. Therefore I don’t think it comes as a surprise when I write the letters for the fact that this EP doesn’t differ from what we heard on the recent album.

It is hardrock of the commercial kind with songs that are catchy and straight to the point, have you heard anything by Toseland before it will be simple enough to imagine what this sounds like as it sounds like it did before. There is nothing new and novel about this release, I mean three of the songs have been out before and the new one sounds like it could have been on the album released last year. And with four tracks it isn’t exactly a lot of music we are getting and it feels like it is over almost before it starts, the EP-format feels both dated and kind of strange in a world where it gets harder and harder to sell music.

So, not really an essential release to music fans, but surely not a disappointing one for those who like Toseland. I think that this EP sounds like expected, no surprises and a strong piece of work where the title track probably is the highlight. Therefore I think that the ending conclusion will have to be that it is a good one, but that I would have rather liked to see an album instead of a fairly pointless release in a rather pointless format.



Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Black Star Riders/Daughtry/Crash

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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