Tokyo Motor Fist

01. Pickin' Up The Pieces
02. Love Me Insane
03. Shameless
04. Love
05. Black And Blue
06. You're My Revolution
07. Don't Let Me Go
08. Put Me To Shame
09. Done To Me
10. Get You Off My Mind
11. Fallin' Apart

Ted Poley - Vocals
Steve Brown - Guitar, Vocals
Greg Smith - Bass
Chuck Burgi - Drums




Released 2017-02-24
Reviewed 2017-02-23


A motor fist from Tokyo, or an American project between Danger Danger singer Ted Poley and Steve Brown from Trixter. I reviewed Trixter a few years ago; apparently it was a rather good but ultimately standard and therefore quite forgettable album – one that I no longer remember how it sounds. This album is the first and self-titled album by this project and I think it could be described in a way similar to how I described Trixter those years ago.

Tokyo Motor Fist offers melodic rock music, catchy choruses and all of those things that are usually associated with this genre. The album is very well produced and the singer is rather good as well, they press all the right buttons to appeal to fans of the genre. The nostalgia people will really like it, it has the songs and it is exactly what you can expect – no surprises. Eleven tracks and 42 minutes of music is what it contains, and it is 42 minutes that are easily accessible and easy to like.

I think this is a good album; it is enjoyable to listen to and easy to like. Good songs all the way through, and I think that this album will go down well with many genre fans out there. It will not go wrong, but I doubt it will be an album that will stand up well to the test of time as it is one of those you enjoy listening to and then forget, kind of like the Trixter album I wrote about some years ago, I could actually have borrowed a lot from that text for this review as they seem to have many things in common – even though I don’t really recall anything of that particular album but from the text it seems so.

I doubt fans of the genre that buy this album will be disappointed, this album will probably line up nicely amongst all those other albums they no longer play, like the Trixter album I keep bringing up. This album is probably as memorable as that one, I think it is probably best described as a good album that is as easy to like as it is to forget.




Label: Frontiers Music
Three similar bands: Ted Poley/Danger Danger/Trixter
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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