Thiago Bianchi's

1. Rising Voices
2. The Scar Is the Pay Off
3. Trust Me
4. Nova Era (Angra cover)
5. I Live
6. Woman in Chains (Tears for Fears cover)
7. Learn to Let It Go
8. Glance
9. Mr. Caretaker
10. Adore
11. Spoiled
12. To Choose
13. Hear
14. Life Is...

Thiago Bianchi - Vocals, Producer
Tito Falaschi - Bass, Vocals
Gabriel Triani - Drums


Kiko Loureiro - Guitars
Eduardo Ardanuy - Guitars
Mike Orlando - Guitars
Mozart Mello - Guitars
Michel Leme - Guitars
Aquiles Priester - Drums
Marcello Pompeu - Vocals
Edu Falaschi - Vocals
Felipe Andreoli - Bass
Ricardo Confessori - Drums
Fernando Quesada - Bass
Junior "Juninho" Carelli - Keyboards
Léo Mancini - Guitars
Nando Fernandes - Vocals
Leo Belling - Vocals
Kadu Averbach - Guitars
Andre Hernandes - Guitars
Nelson Junior - Guitars
André Brunnetti - Guitars
Chico Dehira - Guitars
Gabriel Kauê - Keyboards, Samples
Fabrizio Di Sarno - Keyboards, Samples
Carlos Ceroni - Keyboards, Samples
Guga Machado - Percussion
Christian Passos - Vocals
Thiago Buslik - Vocals
Maria Odete - Vocals

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Thiago Bianchi
Arranged by Thiago Bianchi and Tito Falaschi at Fusao Studios, Sau Paolo
Engineered by Thiago Bianchi, Gabriel Triani & Guy Nascimento
Photo by Fabio Augusto
Cover art by Carlos Fides

Released 2017-03-31
Reviewed 2017-03-20


We have hear Brazilian singer and musician Thiago Bianchi in several bands, he is currently active in three bands: Nocturnall, Shaman and Karma. Apparently that is not enough for him as he now releases a solo album as well, under the name of Arena for which he have enlisted the help of many well-known names from the Brazilian scene – his mother Maria Odette is guesting on one of the tracks lending her extensive skill to her son’s work, even though she is doing gest vocals on a cover track. The album itself looks exciting and even better is that all money from sales will donated to organisations for children with cancer, so it is an album that does good.

It sounds pretty good as well with a very Brazilian like power metal sound, think of the bands already mentioned as well as several other bands like for example Angra or Almah. The choruses are a bit distinct and the album is very well produced with good sound and things like that. The vocals are good, I think all the vocalists on this album are singing really well and the fourteen songs we get to hear are varied enough to prevent the album from feeling long and dreary. One could however argue that the album does not really offer anything we haven’t already heard before; there isn’t much in terms of a sense of novelty.

It may not be the most novel feeling album I have ever heard but novelty isn’t everything and it is a good album, a very solid effort. Good songs throughout the album, but none of them really stand out in the grand scheme of things. The covers are the best tracks and Nova Era that was first heard on Angra’s Rebirth album is the best of the two, I really like that song and keeps humming and singing it throughout the days. The thing is though that it isn’t really an original song, it is an old song recycled and no matter how good they make it, someone has already made it and made it as good or almost as good. Besides Nova Era this album doesn’t have anything that I would call ear-catching.

In the end I figure that this is an album that will appeal to Thiago’s fans and to fans of much of the Brazilian melodic/power metal scene, not sure how many new fans he will gain though – I doubt it will be many. But this album could still be worth a purchase as you give away money to a good cause and you get a good music album as a reward for being generous – that is a pretty good deal.



Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Angra/Shaman/Karma

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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