The Fright
Canto V

1. Bonfire Night
2. No One
3. Wander Alone
4. Love Is Gone
5. Fade Away
6. Oblivion
7. Leave
8. Drowned In Red
9. Century Without A Name
10. In Sicherheit

Lon Fright – Vocals
Kain – Bass
Kane – Guitar
Danny – Guitar
Luke Seven - Drums

Dacabre (2008)
Born to Be Dead (2009)
The Fright (2012)
Rising Beyond (2015)

Michelle Darkness

produced by Waldemar Sorychta at Waldstreet & Denroad Studios, Dortmund

Released 2017-10-13
Reviewed 2017-11-07




It is circles of hell when the new album by The Fright are being reviewed, inspired by the Divine Comedy. Canto V is the fifth album by the band formed by Lon Fright back in 2002, and the title is of course from the first real circle of hell in the comedy. The same Lon once said that he loves Sebastian Bach, perhaps that’s why the gothic rockby these guys is a bit more upbeat than most stuff in this genre, and a bit more catchy as well. Perhaps that is the reason why this album sounds a bit fresher and more interesting than most of what we hear from the gothic bands these days.

It is gothic rock/hardrock that feels rather fresh and modern, quite catchy is another word I would use to describe what we get to hear on this album. The vocalist Lon Fright is a good vocalist and fits the music on this album perfectly, even though I wouldn’t describe him as a particularly unique vocalist. The album itself isn’t overly unique in style but due to its very good production, great sound and catchiness it sounds rather fresh. And it is rather varied as well and I doubt that anyone will find it too long with a playing time of 44 minutes and several catchy songs throughout.

It is a great album this one, from the brilliant opener Bonfire Night to the ending track In Sicherheit it is a strong showing from the Germans. Besides the two tracks I mentioned I also think that the sixth track Oblivion is worthy of an honourable mention as a strong track of this album. But all the tracks of the album are really good and the only thing one might complain about is that they might not be very original, though I don’t see that as much of a problem as it still sounds rather fresh thanks to the catchiness and the great production. Yeah, it is a strong album and I have to claim that it is great to finally get an album that doesn’t feel like going through circles of hell just to come up with a review, this is good enough and interesting enough not to be almost impossible to write about.

Canto V is an enjoyable album with good songs, one that I can clearly recommend that you take a closer look at. Definitely an album I have enjoyed playing through over and over and over again without getting bored or tired with it, it is a very enjoyable album with quite memorable tracks. I think you should check this one out, it is surely worth it.



Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Three similar bands: The Cult/The Mission/69 Eyes
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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