The Chant

1. Unsolved
2. To Surrender
3. Approacher
4. To Be Seen

Mari Jämbäck - keyboards, piano
Ilpo Paasela vocals
Markus Forsström - bass
Kimmo Tukiainen - guitar
Roope Sivén - drums
Pekka Loponen - guitar, vocals
Jussi Hämäläinen - guitar, vocals

Ghostlines (2008)
This Is The World We Know (2010)
A Healing Place (2012)
New Haven (2014)
Parallel (EP 2015)



Released 2017-06-23
Reviewed 2017-06-26


lifeforce records

Chanting Finns return with a new EP, an EP that according to the press info “challenge listeners to dream and to linger - and to discover the subconscious. The fact that the EP also gives strength and confidence is to be noticed afterwards by surprise. The Chant offer exciting, varied songs, which continue to have a deep effect even after the last chord faded away” - that all sounds very exciting and the cover plays on that same dreamy, slightly melancholic theme and as you may or may not imagine, so does the music.

Melancholic, pretty atmospheric alternative rock music is what this EP is all about. It is 21 minutes on four tracks that flows into one another like a dreamy story. They have a decent vocalist and the production is very strong. It could have had a bit more depth and variation but the short playing time does remedy that a little bit. Perhaps it could have been a little bit wiser if they had included a song with a bit more hit-potential among the four as that would probably have made the album feel a bit more distinct and inviting.

I think that this is a good EP; it is dreamy and fairly exciting with four good tracks that should appeal to their fans. I too find it relatively appealing but all in all it is a bit too short and too much atmosphere with too little substance, a song with a touch more hit potential wouldn’t have hurt I think. With that stated I would describe this as a solid little EP, it is a good listen that is probably best described as a small adventure in a dream – but not an adventure interesting enough to really remember.

That Chant clearly does what they do well, their Approacher EP has several things going for it and those of you who enjoy the atmospheric music should have a look at this. For me thought I would probably say that this album is a good listen but it really has me more curious about checking out their earlier albums, which I doubt I will have time to do but perhaps they will release an exciting new album soon and then that will be solved, but right now I will not be chanting a message for you to buy this EP. But should you buy it, I am sure you will find 21 minutes of good music.





Label: Lifeforce Records
Three similar bands: Anathema/Porcupine Tree/U2
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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