That Rock Guy
Nothin' to Lose

1. Superstar
2. Your Dreams Are Keeping Us Together
3. Through The Night
4. One Shot In A Million
5. Never Gonna Say Good-Bye
6. Bring On The Night
7. Can’t Get Enough Of You
8. Nothin’ To Lose
9. Without You
10. Land Of The Rising Sun

Adam Barclay




Released 2017-06-30
Reviewed 2017-08-29

aor heaven

That Rock Guy has nothing to lose when he releases his debut album, apparently it is an Australian that goes by the name Barclay that hides behind that rock guyish moniker. And it is said that he is a man touring a lot, a very diligent man and one has to wonder how he has found the time to create such an album. But I guess that he hasn’t spent that much time being creative in terms of writing songs, as he isn’t exactly a man creating music that gives you a sense of novelty. It is more of a throwback to past times but with a streak of modernity.

You would be hard pressed not to namedrop bands like Gotthard, or singers like Bryan Adams when you try to describe how That Rock Guy sound and in a way I think that his musical style is so anonymous that A Rock Guy would have been a better name, or perhaps Some Rock Guy. But his album is really well produced and all songs have very strong hit potential, and it is a very easy album to like. Another good thing about the album is that it plays relatively short, it seems like this rock guy understand those things and that gives this album the sense of being a classic melodic rock album with plenty of hit songs.

It may not be a very original album but it is a very strong album where all the songs are kind of great. I really like the energy and the catchiness and despite the lack of originality I think there is a freshness to the songs and I would say that the album has no distinct weakness. Second track Your Dreams Are Keeping Us Together is probably my favourite track of the album, but they are all very strong tracks with hit potential so there isn’t that much to chose between them.

In the end I don’t think that it is an album that requires so many words, That Rock Guy is certainly a guy that rocks quite a bit and I would recommend that anyone who likes classic melodic hardrock or AOR should have a look at this great album. Actually, I think you should check this album out, you have nothing to loose by doing so.




Label: AOR Heaven/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Gotthard/Whitesnake/Scorpions
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)

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: Daniel Källmalm

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