Sinner's Lament

01. Sinner’s Lament
02. Wicked Way
03. Harlott
04. Horizon
05. Child of Storm
06. Dance of the Damned
07. Crypt
08. The Final March of Man
09. Heal Me
10. Hotel California

Dave Walsh - Bass, Vocals
Tom Brockman - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Myles "Flash" Flood - Guitars, Vocals
Jonathon Barwick - Guitars, Vocals

The Light of Which I Dream (2011)
Necromancer (2013)

Laura Cooke - Vocals (additional) (Tracks 1.6,10)
Amy Wiles - Keyboards

Recorded at Red Planet Studios and Crawlspace Studios in Hobart, Tasmania.
Mixed and Mastered at SLS Studios in Wollongong, NSW.
Mixing, Mastering, Producing by Lord Tim
Engineering, Recording by Joe Haley
Artwork by Hannah Flowers

Released 2017-05-29
Reviewed 2017-07-06

killer metal records

On a dark desert highway towards some hotel that you can never leave we find this band called Taberah, a band from Australia setting out on course for better things with their third album. Sinner’s Lament is the name of this new album and it can be said to have a rather attractive artwork. At least it has that much going for it, and perhaps a cover of Eagles iconic Hotel California in a much faster and more metallic version, so what about the album itself? What does it have going for it?

It has some speedy heavy metal songs going, plenty of energy and a very strong production. The sound is modern yet familiar for the heavy metal genre, good vocals, catchy choruses some strong melodies as they mix their very familiar inspirations into something of their own. They have nine tracks with plenty of speed and energy, just like the cover version of Hotel California; I think we can conclude that they have put their own mark on that song. The rest of the album is another matter because even though they have a fairly fresh sound for a heavy metal band, one can hardly claim that they offer anything particularly original.

If you like heavy metal you should like this, it is much more exciting than much – but not really exciting enough to shine in this overpopulated genre for the one with a more peripheral interest in that genre. I think it’s a good album with good tracks, catchy and energetic with good feel and good sound, good vocals and an overall good feel to it – somewhat fresh sound but not so fresh that it feels very original. Perhaps that is the right balance for a heavy metal album to go down well with the fans; I know I like the album as it has something good to offer. Like the opening title track and I also like their take on Hotel California, though I have to describe the original as better as some of the soul gets lost by metalising the song.

Good stuff is my ending conclusion, if you are a heavy metal fans you are recommended to take a closer look at it. These Australian guys are catchy, melodic, heavy, and entertaining, it is an album I think could be worth having a look at if you enjoy heavy metal.




Label: Killer Metal Records
Three similar bands: Queen/The Darkness/Helloween
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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