Annihilate the I

1. Amaurosis
2. Into Oblivion
3. Exileseeker
4. Beneath The Weeping Skies
5. Ruins
6. Whispers Of Retribution
7. Carnal Sedation
8. Perish In Time
9. Mist Of Singularity

Julian Kraus - Guitar
Mikis Trimborn - Guitar
Daniel Boretzky - Vocals
Max Pannenberg - Bass
Janis Freund - Drums

For Those In Desperation (2014)


Recorded at the LSD Studios in Lübeck
Produced by Lasse Lammert

Released 2017-08-18
Reviewed 2017-08-21


German band Syndemic saw the light of day for the first time back in 2011 and in 2014 they released their first album. Now three years later they release their second album called Annihilate The I and album produced in the LSD Studios with proucer Lasse Lammert who is said to have helped the band evolve and to achieve a direct and nuanced, but still organic sound, which leaves every instrument the necessary room to evolve. At least if we are to believe what the press information says and I would probably state that it is a pretty decent description of how Syndemic sounds. Melodic death metal with some progressive touches and a pretty good-looking artwork is how I would describe this album.

The music is really well produced with a sound that is very well nuanced and layered with good melodies and power. And some catchy choruses like it should be in the melodic death metal genre. I should point out that they aren’t exactly breaking any new ground, they are mostly doing the tried and tested for the modern melodic death metal but with one or two more atypical elements. The album has nine tracks and plays for about 45 minutes, the variation is okay but at times it feels like the songs sound rather similar to one another. And one could argue that the album lacks a standout hit song, which it is a weakness and in a sense I think that it is. But it is probably the only weakness of the album, the lack of the distinctive hit song and originality,

I think the first song is the best one, it works well and sets up a good tone for the album. An album that I think is very good, fans of the genre will enjoy it and so will probably many others as well. The vocals are decent as well, the choruses work and brings good life to the album. An album that I think overall is very good, and has been rather enjoyable to listen to. There is no denying that this is a good album and it has most of what you want as a fan of melodic death metal, they press those buttons. The one thing I am lacking is the sense of novelty, it may be forgotten and lost in the ever increasing stream of similar bands.

In the end I think that Syndemic makes a good, very good album. The songs are good and everything, but I also think that they need to find a voice that is a bit more there own because if you make music in a genre that is overpopulated you need to do something to set it apart, either make it outstandingly good or different and Syndemic doesn’t really do any of those things so the risk is that their second album will be lost in the masses.




Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: In Flames/Eyes Wide Open/
At the Gates
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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