The Engine Cries

1 Cubozoas' Gossips
2 Evil Cream
3 The Engine Cries (Superscreamrise)
4 Pandora
5 Velvet Cigarette
6 Your Necklace Of Bites
7 Ways Out
8 Where's My Mom?
9 Metal Builders
10 Insane God

Eric Pariche - vocals
Phil Vermont - Guitar and programming
Daniel Sminiac - guitar
Stéphane Lescarbotte - bass
Martin Mabire - drums

Some Strange Heavy Sound (2011)

Boris Branilovic - keyboards
Nicolas Goulay - keyboards

Composed, arranged and directed by Phil Vermont
Lyrics by Eric Pariche, except Pandora and Insane God by Stephane Lescarbotte
Sound recrding by Jerome Legoux
Mixed by Flavien Dugard
Mastered by Brett Calors - Lima (Tower Studio)
Artwork conception by Stan W. Decker and Eric Pariche
Artwork by Stan W. Decker
Band Photos by Jeff Lescene
Produced by Eric Pariche and Screaming Productions

Released 2017-05-05
Reviewed 2017-11-30


send the wood music

A screaming French quintet shows up with album number two, an album called The Engine Cries. And it isn’t a high revving album, just one with a very cool artwork and a fair deal of variation. What struck me is that a promo in digipak format is a bit unusual but it is also rather cool and a nice little surprise in the mail one day. But they always claim that you can’t judge a book by its cover so lets judge this thing by what’s on the CD that I found inside the nice artwork – a CD with music that isn’t very high revving but quite varied.

Progressive metal is what it is all about, inspired of course by the likes of Dream Theater and such bands. If you want a comparison band I think that German band Poverty’s no Crime is a rather similar band, but there are similarities with many different artists. But like most of the better progressive bands they have found a voice that is somewhat their own even though I wouldn’t use the word unique in relation to this album. It is really well made with good production, strong vocals and good variation – an album that in difference to many progressive albums feels just about right in terms of playing time.

Great album has to be my reaction to this album, it has strong melodies and good songs – it is an appealing album. I would describe it as an album with any particular weaknesses, perhaps one could claim that it isn’t particularly unique or fresh and that would be a valid point but not something that really matters as it is so well made. All the songs are really good and fairly impressive as well. If I were to pick a favourite song on the album it would be the title track because I think that it is a really strong track.

Superscream is probably a name to remember and a band to check out, and this is probably the best starting point for such an endeavour. So, they may not scream very loudly but they scream well, so well that I can actually recommend that you check this album out and that means especially you.





Label: Send The Wood Music
Three similar bands: Dream Theater/Poverty's No Crime/Pain of Salvation
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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