Silver Horses

1. Before The Rain
2. Devil's Desert
3. Hang My Head In Shame
4. Heat And Snow
5. I Don'T Want To Say Goodbye
6. King Of Yesterday
7. Life Don'T Comes Easy
8. Marrakech
9. My Bad

Andrea Ranfagni - Vocals
Gianluca Galli - Guitar
Andrea Castelli - Bass
Matteo "Bona" Bonini - Drums

Silver Horses (2012)

Tony Martin - vocals


Released 2017-04-21
Reviewed 2017-04-15


When playing this album this morning my brother spontaneously expressed that it was a very boring album, and a very anonymous one. I am bound to agree with him in part, their blues-rock isn’t exactly something that I would describe as original or fresh – it is kind of anonymous. It gives kind of the same feeling as their debut album that was released in 2012, then with well-known Tony Martin on vocals, not the Italian band is more Italian considering that their new vocalist is Italian. Tony Martin does feature as a guest on this album so the well-known first vocalist is still a part of the horses.

Considering that they claim to be successful on their facebook page they are kind of poor at marketing themselves, like so many other bands today. Why not have a real webpage where you display information about your band in a well laid out manner, unlike the completely rubbish graphics that facebook offers. One can use that channel for interaction with fans and such but have a webpage for the bigger stuff like albums, members tours and similar – Silver Horses are not alone in this idiocy that is really beginning to annoy me as researching bands becomes very difficult when they don’t have good webpages. If you feature on charts and stuff, why not have a good website?

And why not be a bit more innovative and creative rather than just copying your favourite bands? Their bluesy rock makes me think of the likes of Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow and many other bands that were great in the seventies. The style feels seventies with more modern sounds, good production and good vocalist. Quality and anonymity all rolled into one package that plays for about 40 minutes on tracks that I would not describe as particularly varied. But it is clearly a fairly decent release and while my feelings for this are the same as the as the previous album I found out that I liked this one better when I played them back-to-back.

Tick is clearly a decent album and one aimed and bearded old men who hate change and new things, those who believe that it was better in the past. And while it works alright for the rest of us as well, there are much better choices amongst albums this year. This is a rather average release that is perfectly suited for a rating in the middle of our scale as it really is neither good nor bad, just average. I get the same feeling when hearing this album as I did when I heard the first album where the most memorable feat was the horse on the cover. Time will tell if the most memorable feat on this album will be the cover but I wouldn’t be surprised if that will be the case considering that I didn’t really remember anything from the debut album before hearing it again.

In the end I think that this is an album that is looking back rather than forward and hence it is good because it utilises a tried and tested concept in a good way. But it is also fairly uninteresting because this concept has already been used to death and you don’t really make much of an impression by doing something already done by many others. Tick is another one of those good but ultimately forgettable albums that are being released these days, they will appeal to their targeted audience but I doubt that they will have any wider appeal.





Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Black Sabbath/Mollo/Martin/Rainbow
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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