Clever Girl

1. Rude Awakening
2. Clever Girl
3. Give em’ Hell Kid
4. Fuck You Donald Trump
5. Can I Get a Hell No
6. Jesus Loves You
7. No Sanctuary
8. Left 4 Dead
9. Rise
10. Blood Upon Your Hands
11. Pushing Forward

Lauren Kashan - Vocals
Keth Higgins - Guitar
Lance Donati -Guitar
Phil Rasinski - Bass
Conor Mac - Drums




Released 2017-10-27
Reviewed 2017-11-19

pure noise records

Sharptooth from Baltimore in the United States have things going for them even before I have heard the music. The album name seems to have been inspired by one of the most iconic movie quotes ever, that is a plus. And there is also a major plus ion my view to have a track called Fuck You Donald Trump – that guy is one of the worst people in the world and he deserves all the shit that any one person can get, I doubt anyone would mourn his passing. They offer a political statement for equality, something the quintet born from the riots in Baltimore and the “Black Lives Matter”-thing are passionate about and that is obvious in their musical presentation.

The female fronted quintet offers hardcore with plenty of emotion and energy. It is powerful and aggressive, I think the vocalist really pours her heart into the songs and she really is an asset to the band’s sound. However, they don’t really offer that much to differentiate themselves from many other similar bands, hardcore and punk rockers usually are political and their style isn’t that different from their genre compatriots. The same can be said for the production that is quite typical for an album of this genre, as is the short and to the point appearance with 33 minutes split on ten energetic and simplistic tracks.

This band has much to say and they say it with passion as well as energy. They say it in a way that is powerful and a way that is very likeable; I think this is a very good album with good songs and energy. They do everything really well and their hardcore is good enough to please anyone who likes this kind of music, it has raw energy and it even has some bite. The downside is that it doesn’t really stand apart from other albums in the genre, they don’t really offer anything unique or creatively exciting – it is just a solid hardcore album with some good melodic touches and a passionate political statement.

I think Clever Girl has much to offer the hardcore fan even though it doesn’t really overshadow the quote from the film it was borrowed from. This of course means that if you are a fan of hardcore you should have a closer look at this album; chances are that you will enjoy it. I have quite enjoyed it even though I think they need a bit sharper teeth and claws to really make a mark.







Label: Pure Noise Records 
Three similar bands: Stick To Your Guns/Walls Of Jericho/Every Time I Die
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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