Schwarzer Engel

1. Sinnflut
2. Futter Für Die See
3. Requiem (Piano Version Feat. El Friede)
4. Sinnflut (Club-Remix)

Dave Jason - Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Vincent Hübsch - Guitars
Timo Joos - Guitars
Bert Oeler - Bass
Carlo Schmidt - Drums

2010 Apokalypse
2010 Geister und Dämonen EP
2011 Träume einer Nacht
2013 Schwarze Sonne EP
2013 In Brennenden Himmeln
2015 Imperium I - Im Reich der Götter
2016 Götterfunken EP
2016 Imperium II - Titania


Mixed and mastered by Jan Vacik at Dreamsound Studios
Cover artwork by Matthias Bäuerle / Season Zero

Released 2017-12-08
Reviewed 2017-11-25



Are you longing for a new album with Schwarzer Engel? There is not much longer now, on February 23 they are releasing their sixth studio album Kult der Krähe. But as an omen for that album we get the EP Sinnflut in the early days of December, a flood that could possible contains some sharks and dark waters. That is all well and good for Dave Jason’s band but is it an EP with bite and does it really build up any interest for the coming album?

Well, it is a fourteen-minute EP with four tracks where two are normal tracks and the second pair of tracks is a piano version and a club-remix. So we don’t get much but it has a strong production, classic gothic style metal with lyrics in German. Dave Jason has a fairly typical singing voice for someone in the gothic metal genre and he doesn’t really show any distinguishing marks. I wouldn’t really describe their music has having much in terms of originality either, they offer fairly typical gothic styled metal with German vocals perhaps being the main differentiator but it is impossible not to think of the likes of Rammstein and such bands.

I think that whether or not one should buy their EP in physical version depends on the prize, less than five euros it is a pretty good deal, anything more than that you could just stream the title track from youtube or buy the digital track. It is really the title track that is the highlight here, it is a great track, strong song that offers good feel and catchiness – a really enjoyable piece to listen to, perhaps the best track I have heard by Schwarzer Engel but it should be said that I have never really been impressed from what I have heard by them.

And as Sinnflut probably will be one of the tracks on the abum anyway I think it would be wisest to wait for that unless you are a collector or fan of the works by Schwarzer Engel. So, fans could look it up and will probably enjoy it, I have enjoyed listening to the title track as it is great and if anything Sinnflut builds up good expectations for a coming album although it might not be the best choice if you are looking for an x-mas gift.





Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands:
The Vision Bleak/Rammstein/Amon Amarth
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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