Let Me Leave

01. April
02. All I Am Is You
03. The Quiet Calm
04. Pressure and Composure
05. The Cool Calm
06. Forget Me
07. Like This
08. The Low In Hello
09. Wildfire
10. Little Birds

Shontay Snow - vocals
Bryant Best - vocals
Lyndsay Antica - guitar
Daniel Reesy - guitar
Tylar Rettig - bass
Jordan Mather - drums

Once We Were Lions (2012)
First Light to My Death Bed (2013)



Released 2017-01-13
Reviewed 2017-02-28


Australian Saviour has returned from a short hiatus and are now releasing a new album, one they call Let Me Leave. It has an interesting cover and along with the title it is certainly looks to be something thoughtworthy and interesting and if the album is as interesting as it looks it will be great. The sextet has two singers one male and one female both with amusing names like Best for the growly guy and Snow for the soft voiced lady. So lets have a look at the album now.

I would say that it is metalcore in terms of style, with a hint of post rock and they have a rather own style where the soft female vocals contrast nicely with the more typical metalcore style vocals of the man. They have a rather fresh and atmospheric sound, good production and an interesting sound. And they have a decent variation of songs throughout this album, but it is probably an album that requires that you play it a few times to really get to know it.

I think the album is good; it has many things going for it with great vocals and a fresh view on their music. But I cannot help but feeling that it should have been better, they don’t really utilise the dynamics of the vocalists and there are no real standout track on the album. It is a solid effort, with good tracks but it still feels like it could have been better, like they are not reaching their full potential, like the quality they house within them hasn’t quite been let out. I really like the female vocals, like those we hear in the opening track April, that is a strong tone setter for the album but it doesn’t quite add up to perfection but with a fresh sound it makes for a good and especially a promising album.

The ending track Little Bird is my highlight of the album, a nice little ending piece that makes you leave the album on a positive note. Although in the end I have better hope for their upcoming works, this just isn’t quite living up to its promise and in the end I find that I don’t quite warm up to it.




Label: UNFD
Three similar bands: Touché Amoré/Devil Sold His Soul/Casey
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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