1. Reveal
2. You Will Rise
3. Wishes
4. Dark Angels
5. Blood and Sand
6. Undercontrol
7. Timeline
8. This Truth in Your Eyes
9. 300
10. Blood and Sand (bonus track)

Rob Lundgren - vocals
Tino Hevia - guitar
David Figuer – Lead guitarist
Jorge Ruiz -Bass
Dani Cabal – Drums
Helena Pinto – Keyboards


Marcus Siepen (Lead guitar on the track “Blood and Sands”)
Marcos Rodriguez (Lead guitar on “300” and lead vocals on the bonus track version of “Blood and Sands”)
Tom Nauman (Lead guitar on “You Will Rise”)
Eduardo Escobar (Acoustic guitar on Dark Angels)

Mixed and mastered at Soundchaser studios by Marcos Rodríguez
Artwork by David Figuer

Released 2017-12-08
Reviewed 2017-11-09


fc metal

Tino Hevia reveals the new band Reveal and the debut album Timeline, an album that looks very much like a power metal album both judging the artwork and the logo. And it sounds very much like a power metal album too, and by that I mean that it kind of sounds like any power metal album, not just a new unique album in the power metal genre but more of a rather typical power metal album – just listen to the opening self titled track and you will understand what I mean. But it is a simple enough album to like and it is catchy with strong choruses and melodies, easy to take to and easy to like is a short description of this album. I think that fans of the power metal genre should have a closer look, they will enjoy this album.

Main man Tony Hevia found Swedish youtube-singer Rob Lundgren and then filled the band with acclaimed and experienced Spanish musicians and some guests from Rage, Blind Guardian and Primal Fear. So it is a band with plenty of experience, a band where the members know what they are doing in terms of music and especially the power metal music. And perhaps that is the reason for their album being a fairly typical power metal album, the experience of the band members combined makes it a well made but quite standardised power metal album.

The self titled opener is a great power metal track, perfectly made to format a catchy and melodic power metal track. It is a good tone setter for the album and it is followed by good tracks through to the end. I also think that the album title track called Timeline is a very strong track as well – strange thing is that the best tracks of the album are rather typical power metal tracks and had all album been like them it probably would have been a tad boring, now it is a bit more varied although there are no surprises to be heard.

So it may not be the most exciting, unique or wonderful album I have ever heard. Fans of the power metal genre will most likely enjoy this album; I think that they should have a closer look at it. It is a catchy a fairly enjoyable album where I think the band reveals that they have some great potential but they need to find something of their own voice. This album is a good choice for the power metal fanatic.





Label: FC Metal
Three similar bands: Helloween/Darksun/Döxa
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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