1. Dominion
2. Last Chance To Die Young
3. Seven Tales Told
4. Bones
5. Heart Of Stone
6. The Dream Reaper
7. Poor Man’s Grave
8. Dutch
9. Overcome
10. Quadralith

Joe Milburn - Drums
Thomas Osborne - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Luke Jennings - Vocals, Guitars
Martyn Lucas-Bewick - Bass

The End (EP 2013)
Titan Moon (EP 2013)
Smoke (2014)
Regulus (EP 2015)

Florence Body - Vocals (additional)
Augustinas Našlėnas - Percussion

Recorded at Playing Aloud Studios in Lincoln
Produced by Martyn Lucas-Bewick and Thomas “Oz” Osborne

Released 2017-03-17
Reviewed 2017-05-14

off yer rocka

Sheffield stoner rockers Regulus are looking to dazzle music audiences with their new and second album Quadralith. It is an album that appears interesting for the one reading the press sheet that states that they are inspired by everything and nothing, and that they refuse to de defined by anyone but their own standards. That sounds interesting and with words like creativity mentioned over and over it appears even more interesting. However, when I listen to the album I can’t help but thinking that the words don’t really reflect what I am hearing, they do not dazzle me with their indefinable style or mindboggling creativity – it is a stoner rock album, plain and simple.

Quadralith is a standard stoner rock album with a rather average selection of songs, typical production for the genre and a rather genre typical vocalist. It is a fairly long album and the songs are fairly similar, it is an album that is fairly easy to loose interest with. And for an album that is said to be inspired by many things and no things it is an album that sounds very typical of a genre, the stoner rock genre. They sounds like they lack imagination and their music have few, if any, original traits. Could it be that they are heavily inspired by every stoner rock band and by nothing else?

I don’t think that it is a bad album, it is just not a very interesting one. Has to be described as kind of mediocre I would say and I don’t really think they have very much that hasn’t already been made to offer. Perhaps it could appeal to the fans of the stoner rock genre, but I am not quite sure of that either, as they have many other similar albums on offer and I don’t think this onae has anything to offer over the majority of those. The things the press sheet says about creativity and all of that is just strange and feels wrong, I suppose you could follow your creativity and end up making something that feels painted by numbers but the more likely thing is that Regulus are copying their inspirations way more than they care to admit and they have to stop doing that if they are hoping to become a relevant band in the future.

In the end I think that Regulus second album is a decent but mediocre offering that can be described as a fairly typical stoner rock album, and on top of that it offers nothing we haven’t heard before. It is an album that is easily forgotten, their style and quality just isn’t enough to make Regulus and Quadralith stand out and in the end I really think that it an album that is probably best forgotten - and I suggest that Regulus looks outside their comfort zone for inspiration for their next album.





Label: Off Yer Rocka Recordings/Cargo
Three similar bands: Shotgun Valium/Kyuss/Monster Magnet
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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