Red Raven
Chapter Two: DigitHell

1. A Perfect World
2. Collapse
3. Dance With A Freak
4. Out Of Memory
5. Proud
6. On My Way
7. Digithell
8. Running Out
9. Save Me
10. The Best Man I Can Be
11. Unbreakable
12. Until The End Of Time

Frank Beck – Vocals
Patrick Fey – Guitars
Bernd Basmer – Guitars
Martin Reichhart – Bass
Sebastian Berg – Drums

Chapter One: The Principles (2014)


Produced by Red Raven
Recorded at Compressor Studio Bexbach
Mixed and engineered by Patrick Fey
Mastered by Dick Decker
Sound programming by Bernd Basmer and Martin Reichhart
Artwork by Bernd Basmer

Released 2017-10-06
Reviewed 2017-10-06

fastball music

A red raven from Germany soars over the metallic landscapes and screeches loudly through a collapse all the way to the end of times. It is their second chapter, the first was released in 2014 and this one is said to contain songs that the repeat function of the music player was invented for. I think that is a load of bollocks, the repeat function was probably not invented for any kind of particular song, just for the ones the listener likes and this listener has not used the repeat button once when playing this album, the forward button however is another matter. There is a dozen tracks on this album and I think they would have done wisely to do without a few of them. But before we get to that, lets look at what we get.

The music is classic heavy metal, it sounds quite German in my opinion. Not very original with songs that remind me quite a lot of other songs I have heard in my time as a music fan and critic. The production is very good though and so is the vocalist, this of course makes this a good album to listen to. The songs are also quite varied but as the playing time is on the long side I still think a bit stronger variation would have been preferable. Overall though I have to say that this album is a very solid production, perhaps nothing spectacular but very solid from beginning to end.

There are some highlight songs on the album like the first proper song called Collapse, which is a song I like quite a bit. I also think that the ending track should be considered a highlight of this album, an album that overall can be considered to be rather good even though it may not push all the right buttons for me as a critic. Fans of heavy metal will most likely find this album very appealing, so if you like traditional heavy metal and especially the German kind you should really have a closer look at this album.

Red Raven’s second chapter has its moments but overall it is a tad on the long side and I don’t think you should listen too closely as it is easy to have the mind wander away from the album in order to try and deduce what songs they have used as templates for the songs on this album. Still, I think that Red Raven has put together a good album for their second chapter, and it could be worth checking out.






Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Gamma Ray/Helloween/Heaven's Gate

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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