All We Want of Heaven, All We Need of Hell

1. Heaven
2. Half
3. Anyone Else
4. What's Wrong
5. Walk Alone
6. Same Soul
7. Winter
8. No Mercy
9. Separate
10. Nola 1

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen – vocals, guitar, drums and percussion, piano and organ, programming, additional production
Alex Babinski – guitar
Brian MacDonald Jr. – bass

White Noise (2014)

Chris Kamrada – drums and percussion
Mikaela Davis – harp

Blake Harnage – production, engineering, synths and programming
Mark "Spike" Stent – mixing for "Heaven", "Half", "What's Wrong" and "Winter"
Michael Freeman – assisted mixing for "Heaven", "Half", "What's Wrong" and "Winter"
Rich Costey – mixing for "Anyone Else", "Walk Alone", "No Mercy", "Separate" and "Nola 1"
Jeff Juliano – mixing for "Same Soul"
Chris Athens – mastering
Anthony Reeder – engineering, editing
Jef Mol – drum engineering
Jarrod Fallon – drum technician
John Colangelo – drum technician

Released 2017-08-25
Reviewed 2017-09-19



American trio PVRIS releases their second album, an album with a long title and an album that can be described as a very well made album – but not a very exciting album, it feels like it lacks that little extra. Melodic and poppy rock music, post-metal or post-hardcore, female fronted, catchy and really well-produced is how I would describe the music that PVRIS has on offer on this album. One can hardly fault the band’s quality when it comes to producing music that can have wide appeal, something that one can see when visiting the band’s videos on youtube that are much commented and watched many times, more times than most that we review on this webzine.

It is a ten-track 44-minute album with decent variation, excellent production and sound that is very impressive. I think the vocalist is really strong, probably the best feature on this album – she is really excellent. Still, despite this album’s all virtues I find that it lacks that extra appeal that makes the good albums great, it is simply good but it is not great. Had all the tracks been of the same calibre as the opening track Heaven I think this album would have been a treat but unfortunately most tracks are good but rather anonymous. I think that could be said about the album itself, it is an excellent but rather anonymous production.

In the end I cannot help but feeling that this album should have been better, it has all the ingredients to be a great album but ends up being a good one. For the fans of the genre, for the fans of the similar bands and for the fans of this band themselves, those are the ones most likely to find this appealing – I have ended up spending over 800 minutes to an album that doesn’t really make an impression, all I can think of when writing this final words when the music has ended is a passage from the album by Korea that I am going to review in a few days, and that album I didn’t even play today – that is how anonymous this album feels. Heaven is the only track that makes an impression on me on the fairly catchy yet quite forgetful production.




Label: BMG Rights Management
Three similar bands: Paramore/Florence + the Machine/Chvrches
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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