Bury My Innocence

1. Strengthless
2. Bury My Innocence
3. Bloody Waters
4. Dead Leaves
5. Drift


Nudist (2010)
Apetizer for Monsters (2014)
See the Light Beyond the Spiral (2015)


Recorded by Niccolo Gallio in August 2016 at “Fabbrichino” theater in Prato IT
Mixing and mastering by Eraldo Bernocchi
artwork by Luca Solo Macello

Released 2017-03-20
Reviewed 2017-05-08

argonauta records

So, time to write down the naked truth of the new release by Italian band Nudist, a five-track release that plays for about 26 minutes. 26 minutes recorded live in a small theatre in Prato. It doesn’t sound live but has a raw, somewhat naked soundscape that is relatively captivation – though you have to listen as it is sort of just noise when you use it as background music.

Post Metal, Sludge, Noise is the genre definition of this album. It has a raw, naked sound with sweeping dark moods and atmospheres, kind of exciting atmospheres. I think this raw production fits this release very well, but it isn’t a very fresh album. The songs are not exactly the most fresh we have ever heard and it feels like an album aimed only at the ones already into this genre, those who like the similar bands and others like them.

The five tracks are good, but in the end the album don’t really catch me and I have difficulty focusing on what I am listening to. And I am having a lot of difficulty to write down the naked truth about because what is that truth? What are the good points and the weak? I don’t know and I doubt it is an album with much in terms of a wide appeal, it is for those post metal, sludge, Noise fans out there – for those who enjoy the similar bands and their likes.

So my conclusion is that the naked truth about this Nudist release is that it is a good but ultimately rather unimpressive release. Good enough to lend a few hours but not great enough to really stand out or to be remembered. Not really that much in terms of naked truth, was it?





Label: Argonauta Records
Three similar bands: Melvins/Helmet/Noxagt
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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