The Druid King

1. The Berserker
2. Adrestia
3. Watch the Banners Fall
4. Into Twilight
5. Gladiator
6. Arise Samurai
7. Elegy
8. March of the Jötunn
9. War of Immortals
10. Heaven Overflow
11. The Druid King

Norman Skinner - Vocals
Gary Tarplee - Guitars
Mark Miner - Guitars
Rick Stallkamp - Bass
Noe Luna
- Drums


Aaron Robitsch - keyboards

Recorded at Alien Productions Studios by JK Northrup
Cover artwork by Dusan Markovic

Released 2017-07
Reviewed 2017-06-27



The Druid King is the debut of American band Niviane and it sounds quite a lot like it looks. It is an album this band along with their extensive touring are using to find themselves a label and partners to promote their music and this debut album is scheduled for released during the summer of this year. And on the subject of promoting oneself, this band has understood that a website with information is much better than some facebook crap that many use as substitute, a combination of both is of course good to be interacting with the fans as well as leaving them a source of information – which is what these guys have. Anyway, while on the subject of the cover, it looks good.

The album sounds pretty classic, fans of classic heavy metal will rejoice – especially those into the American school of classic heavy metal. You could also use the power metal label to describe how this band sounds. The sound is classic, powerful with the typical array of songs. I think it is fair to write that this album offers very little in terms of surprises and that while the vocalist has a lot of authority in his voice, he doesn’t sound very exciting though he fits the sound of the album fairly well. I have no real complaints there and the production is okay as well, a solid effort in my view. Perhaps a little flat ant the only thing that really catches the attention every now and then while playing through the way too many minutes are some really strong guitar lines, but overall it is a predictable album.

This will appeal to fans of power and heavy metal of the classic variety, it presses all the right buttons and the songs are rather good. But there are no standout tracks and the album feels a little flat on that regard and with a playing time of near one hour it is also a tad on the long side and I think that it could have been one or two tracks shorter but doesn’t stand or fall on that note. I think that we can describe this album as a solid album with good songs but perhaps not really a standout album that will appeal to those looking for anything but heavy metal according to the exacting standard of the genre. So, if you are a fan of classic heavy/power metal it is an album well worth checking out.

The Druid King should get them closer to success and a record label, their extensive touring combined with their energetic and powerful heavy metal should make them very interesting to the fans of classic heavy metal. Personally I think they could have tried to thread down a little less travelled paths but I have still liked listening to their album so it isn’t that bad. I can safely conclude this review by proclaiming that The Druid King is a good album.




Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Imagika/Skinner/Hellscream
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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