Night Ranger
Don't Let Up

01. Somehow Someway
02. Running Out Of Time
03. Truth
04. Day And Night*
05. Don't Let Up
06. Won't Be Your Fool Again
07. Say What You Want
08. We Can Work It Out
09. Comfort Me
10. Jamie
11. Nothing Left Of Yesterday

Jack Blades - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Brad Gillis - Lead Guitars
Kelly Keagy - Drums, Lead Vocals
Eric Levy - Keyboards
Keri Kelly - Lead Guitars

Dawn Patrol (1982)
Midnight Madness (1983)
Seven Wishes (1985)
Big Life (1987)
Man in Motion (1988)
Feeding off the Mojo (1995)
Neverland (1997)
Seven (1998)
Hole In The Sun (2007)
Somewhere in California (2011)

Big in Japan (2013)

High Road (2014)



Released 2017-03-24
Reviewed 2017-04-04



This album marks a dozen studio albums for Night Ranger, a band considered legends in their field and with millions of albums sold and some very well known songs. And they are still making that kind of music, not really breaking any kind new ground and just repeating what we have already heard them do many times over. I think that the cover artwork actually describes very well what this album has to offer, it is an album of no surprises, just another album that does what Night Ranger usually does.

Well-produced melodic rock with catchy choruses and strong melodies is what this album offers. Anyone who has heard Night Ranger before knows how this album sounds as it sounds the same as what they have done before. There are no surprises offered on this album, it is a well done standard format melodic rock album with the expected songs and all of that. Those who like what Night Rangers have done in the past will most likely like this one as well as it is more of the same.

Kind of a good but also ultimately pointless release repeating things they have already done and showing no signs of improvement or fresh ideas. The songs are catchy, some of them insanely catchy that just have you singing along joyously. Tracks like the second one is very good at this, not that it is anything different than many other tracks I have heard and one grow tired of it quickly but for a while it is a few minutes of sing-along greatness. The problem is though that you grow tired of it after a few plays and ultimately throw it on the pile of albums that have dust collecting as their most obvious quality.

It is an album for Night Ranger fans; they will most certainly like it. For the rest of us there are many better choices of the releases this year. To end this rather short review I would describe this as a rather mediocre album, neither great not crap.




Label: Frontiers Music
Three similar bands: Journey/Foreigner/Warrant
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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