Storms Arise

1. The Dawn
2. Old World Burning
3. Beyond Horizon
4. Unholy War
5. Death, Let Go
6. Guilt
7. Poltergeist
8. If This Is Your God, I Don’t Need One
9. Sirens
10. Aiolos
11. Dream Too Real

Hannu Karppinen - Vocals
Atte Jääskelä - Guitars
Tapio Anttiroiko - Guitars
Sami Kotila - Bass
Aki Pusa - Drums

The End of Silence (2013)


Recorded and mixed at Joshua Music studiosby Olli Tainio, Lucky Punk Productions
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck
Cover art designed by Hannu Karppinen

Released 2017-07-07
Reviewed 2017-08-28


inverse records

Storms arise for Finnish melancholic metallers Nicumo on their second album called Storms Arise. It follows their acclaimed 2013 debut and I would say that the artwork kind of describes what you are to hear when you listen to Storms Arise. It is that kind of vast and atmospheric, “strengthens Nicumo’s position on northern metal scene, and gives it a timeless masterpiece to keep the scene alive.” The quote is from the press text, timeless masterpiece is probably not how I would describe this album and that is perhaps a bit too grand words to use to describe something you promote. It is always better to take a more cautious approach on describing an album and I would perhaps describe it as a solid album.

It is an album with good sound, good production; the vocals are very good as well. The album is fairly varied but also very long with a playing time near one hour and it feels really too long. The album is melodic, and somewhat melancholic and it could have a bit more depth and perhaps a little bit darker streak. And it is sort of Finnish, you can hear the traces of some of the well-known melancholic Finnish bands that have already made their names doing music quite similar to Nicumo. It is not like these guys are reinventing anything with their new album.

I like the atmosphere and the melancholic sense this album offers, but it lacks depth and it could have done with some more energy at times as there is a bit of a slower streak through the album making it feel a tad on the long side. There is nothing really memorable about it. And even though the last track is the one I like the best I find the album quite long and a little bit on the forgetful side. It is well made and good with good vocals and good atmosphere but nothing you really remember.

Not exactly an album that blows anyone away, it is a solid effort but not one that will go down in music history. It offers nothing new, nothing that we haven’t heard before. And they really should have taken better advantage of their great vocalist and their ability to create good atmospheres. In the end my conclusion is that this is a good solid album that is doomed to be forgotten.




Label: Inverse Records
Three similar bands: Anathema/Sentenced/Mustan Kuun Lapset

Ratings: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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