Qaal Babylon

1. Oroch
2. Faboan
3. Bahal Gah
4. Oxex

RI - Bass, Synths
Ardath - Guitars, Vocals
L.C. Chertan - Drums

Caosgon (2013)
Netrayoni (2014)
Padmalotus (2015)
Teloch (EP 2016)


Mastered by Audiosiege

Released 2017-09-22
Reviewed 2017-10-08

argonauta records

Italian ritual sludge masters are how the band Nibiru are described in the press sheet when their new album Qaal Babylon is described. The band name itself is taken from one of all those silly doomsday myths where a planet called Nibiru is supposed to destroy the Earth. The release date almost coincided with the date the Earth was to be destroyed, the day before it actually but as that day has come and passed the date has been moved forward and I think someone claimed that it is supposed to begin in a week or so instead. Strange though that no one has seen a planet that would appear much larger than the moon in our sky by now, I have no idea if the band Nibiru subscribes to this Nibiru nonsense but unfortunately their album is even less interesting than that doomsday scenario.

Sludge, doom metal is what they are performing. It is slow paced with slow muted growls and all that stuff that we usually hear in this kind of music. It is only four tracks on the album but they drag on in the same way as the Nibiru myth keeps dragging on, it feels like it never really ends. And the production isn’t that impressive either, I would describe that as rather average and with variation that is non-existent it is difficult to really find that many positive aspects about this new album from Nibiru.

They preach to their flock, the ones who already likes this kind of music and Nibiru themselves, I don’t think this will appeal to anyone else – it certainly doesn’t appeal to me. The four tracks are long-winded and dreary, it takes long time to play through them all and with slow tempo and poor vocals it is difficult to muster up much positivity toward the Italian trio’s latest effort. So the conclusion has to be that if you like Nibiru or the similar bands you should like this album as well, if not you can do well without it.





Label: Argonauta Records
Three similar bands: Oranssi Pazuzu/Dark Buddha Rising/Bong
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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