01. Fear Of Flying
02. Don't Wake The Lion
03. Can't Stop Loving You
04. Life To Remember
05. High Tonight (Aerial)
06. Vertigo (Leap Of Faith)
07. Two Sides
08. I Am Your Man
09. Always Strangers
10. Nothing Left
11. Still Bleeding
12. You Don't Know Me

Steve Newman - vocals
Mark Thompson-Smith - vocals
Rob McEwen - drums

S/T (1998)
One Step Closer (1999)
Dance In The Fire (2000)
Sign Of The Modern Times (2003)
Heaven Knows (2006)
Primitive Soul (2007)
Decade (2008)
The Art Of Balance (2010)
Under Southern Skies (2011)
Siren (2013)
Elegance Machine (2015)


Produced By Steve Newman
All songs written by Steve Newman
Mastered By Harry Hess at H Bomb Mastering

Released 2017-09-22
Reviewed 2017-09-02


aor heaven

Newman’s back with album number eleven, a twelve-track story that is certain to appeal to Newman’s fans. The story begun in the late stages of the last millennium and it has gone on for a while now with singer Steve Newman showing off his AOR ability every other year. This is our fourth review of Newman and it has been either four or five for the previous three, two four points and one five. This one is among the better of the ones we have reviewed from Newman this far. It has a decent artwork as well, so why not check it out?

You could argue against it because of its rather standardised AOR sound, with catchy choruses and crystal clear production it is more or less what you can expect from this genre. Originality is not quite what Steve Newman is looking for when he is creating music, more like perfecting the art of others, handiwork rather than artwork. Newman and his band can be described as strong musical craftsmen rather than artists. And this album has a decent variation through the tracks we get to hear on this album, the standard variation for an album of this kind – genre fans will find this album very agreeable.

It may not be a wonder of originality but what it lacks in that regard it makes up for in quality; the songs are very good and very entertaining. You don’t really think of this lack of originality when you are listening to the strong, catchy tunes that make out this album – it is very good. One of the better I have heard from Newman, certainly a step up in comparison with its predecessor. And it is an album that stands somewhat about the main bulk of bands in this very highly populated genre so if you like this kind of music you should really like this album.

To me there are no track really standing out above the rest of the tracks on this album, the opener sets a great tone that is kept throughout the album from the beginning to the end. All the tracks have hit potential and I think that it is a great album to listen to and the only argument you can make against it is the lack of originality and that it risks being lost in the multitude of albums that already exist in the genre and that is a rather valid argument. Although it is an argument that is lost on you when you are listening to this album, it is a great album.



Label: AOR Heaven/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Big Life/Sepentine/Afterhours
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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