My Own Ghost
Life on Standby

01. Life On Standby
02. Everytime I Break
03. Alive
04. 10 Weeks Of Summer
05. If I Stay
06. Don't Say You Love Me
07. No Air
08. The Night Before I Die
09. When Love Is Not Enough
10. Hope

Julie Rodesch - Vocals
Fred Brever - Guitars
David Soppelsa - Guitars
Joe May - Bass
Michael Stein - Drums

Love Kills (2014)


Produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck

Released 2017-04-07
Reviewed 2016-03-13

secret entertainment

So, My Own Ghost is releasing a new album on Secret Entertainment, I would not be surprised if they didn’t sell many albums and didn’t get much attention. The strange thing is that my own ghost is a band from Luxemburg and that this is their second release, but I guess that when you come to the paranormal you can never be sure what to expect. Like a good cover art, to name just one thing that we didn’t get on this one. But we do get some great music from this female fronted ghost.

Melodic rock/metal with female vocals, clear sampling and electronic elements to spice it up a bit. Not the most common of styles I have heard, I actually think that they have a rather fresh perspective and a sound that is a bit own. Not that they differ much from female fronted bands but they sound rather fresh and exciting and they keep it short and sweet as well. Yeah, I think My Own Ghost brings us a modern and fresh sound, and they bring us something great that doesn’t sound like everything else – there is certainly a lot to like about this album and this band.

I think that it is rather difficult to find anything to be critical about when it comes to this album and it is so good that there is no point in looking for weaknesses either. There is one thing though, the album could have been a bit more dynamic with more power and more energy but these are just small niggles that isn’t taking much away from the fact that this is an eerily good album at its best moments. Those best moments are the opening title track and the fourth one 10 Days of Summer, I also think that Alive can be mentioned amongst those scary tracks.

With the Ghost Stories coming to an end my ghost haven’t really managed to scare me away from listening, despite the pretty bad artwork. And the Secret promoters didn’t make it a secret from me, which is a good thing. A writer cleverer with the wording would call this an eerily exciting and good album – I on the other hand can agree with myself that this is an exciting ghost story for days when your life is on standby.





Label: Secret Entertainment/Inverse Records
Three similar bands: Nightwish/Evereal/Within Temptation
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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