01. Blood Still Moves
02. Feels Like This
03. Sunflower
04. No One Left to Blame
05. Suffice
06. Neuroplasm

Maurice Adams - Vocals
Tommy Fossli - Guitar
Morten Felumb - Bass
Jon Anders Lundh - Guitar
Jonas Dale - Drums

Best Of (EP 2011)
Coming in Clear (EP 2013)


Produced by Robin Lynch

Released 2017-02-15
Reviewed 2017-04-12


Norwegian band Motorfinger returns with their third EP, this one is called Evilution and can be described as a logical evolution for the band. Six tracks of straightforward hardrock/grunge music that plays for 25 minutes on an EP with a nice and humoristic artwork, just like the previous EP. And it is a step forward in the evilution of this band; probably their finest piece to date and their last one was very fine.

We are getting well-produced and strong grungy hard rock with good energy and emotion, great vocals and decent variation through the six tracks. Pretty fresh sound while still being familiar to the similar bands that made their names in the first wave of the grunge music that we heard in the 90s, but also to those who like more modern rock music. It is straight to the point and no strange things going. The EP has a decent depth as well and I would think that all who enjoyed their previous works should enjoy this one as well.

I like it; I think Motorfinger keeps delivering the good stuff with six great tracks and pretty fresh, modern music. It is an album that I can recommend to anyone who likes good and powerful rock music. Sure, it isn’t really an album that I can come up with many clever things to write about but I really like listening to it, a lot. And I think that they have outdone themselves and created a great piece of music that puts most of their genre rivals to shame – great stuff even though one could have desired a standout hit song, although there is a bit of hit potential in the tracks so you probably won’t notice anyway.

Yeah, I would say that the 25 minutes this EP plays for are 25 minutes well spend as we get great tracks and no real weaknesses. This is an EP well worth checking out and I think we can conclude that this one is great.





Label: Independent
Three similar bands:
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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