Demonic Satanic

1. Vengeance from the Dark
2. Devastating Storm... Evil Holocaust
3. Demonic Satanic
4. Evil Impalers
5. Blacking Metal (Sabbat cover)
6. Desecration from Hell
7. Infernal Curse of Evil
8. Screaming Souls
9. Count Lucifer

Necrophiliac - Drums, Guitars
Bitchfire - Vocals
Carnage - Bass
Soulmolester - Guitars (rhythm)
Angelreaper - Guitars (lead)

Momento Mori (2004)
Black Evil Master (2011)


Recorded and mastered at Armageddon Recordings
Mattias "Flesh" Frisk - Cover art

Released 2016-11-30
Reviewed 2017-04-01

to the death records

Some weeks ago a representative of those promoting this album sent me an email (of course) claiming that is was worth listening to. So I did listen to it, several times. This was before reading the names of the band members being things like Necrophiliac, Soulmolester and so on, and also I am usually quite allergic to bands naming themselves or their albums things with Satan and those kinds of things. I would personally never buy anything named like this album, it is ridiculous but then again I don’t have to buy them to listen to them. And they are certainly a lot better than it would appear at first glance.

Traditional death metal with guttural vocals, heaviness and all things associated with that. A bit of thrash and a bit of black metal touches are there as well but stylewise they don’t really break any kind of new ground. Of course they sing of Lucifer, evil impalers and stuff like that in an oh so short but sweet album playing just over 30 minutes, where the nine tracks could have been a little bit more varied. Then again it is more or less what fans of this genre would expect and want.

I would say that this is a good album; you can listen to it and probably enjoy it a fair bit – especially if you like the death metal genre. The songs are agreeable and the Swedes manage to show that my aversion towards silly Satanism and ridiculous names of band members isn’t always well placed, like in this case. These guys are a lot better than they would appear at first glance and I think it was time spent relatively well to listen to this album. And as a fan of this kind of music you will be even more impressed.

So it is good but in the end it doesn’t make too much of an impression on me as it lacks originality and I have heard it many times before. Fans of the genre are not that picky though, for them trueness to the ideal is more important than coming up with something fresh and thought provoking. So Mordant will appeal to their crowd, I think they have put together a very solid death metal album.





Label: To The Death Records
Three similar bands: Dissection/Nifelheim/Bolzer
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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