Path of Salvation

1. Fortune
2. Mirrorplain
3. Salvation
4. Eternal Jack
5. Reparation
6. Unsought
7. Angel Without Wings
8. Tower Of Babel
9. Jerz Off
(Bonus Track)

Christian Döring - vocals, rhythm guitar
Jeremy Vollmert - lead guitar, vocals
Sascha Drendel - bass
Kevin Ax - keys
Nikolas "Uli" Hoffmann - drums, vocals




Released 2017-09-08
Reviewed 2017-08-16

fastball music

A German quintet on the path of salvation is one way to describe the band called Mirrorplain, a band I have been listening to for a while. Path of Salvation is what they call their debut album, and it has a pretty good-looking artwork, kind of exciting looking I would say. So what about the music then? I have been spending some time with this album and come to some conclusion, one of which is that it is a fun album. So what else?

The label writes that it is hard to classify by any formula, and putting a label on it might be somewhat difficult. Still, it isn’t an album that is that far removed from most, it is classic rock/hardrock/metal music with catchy tunes, strong melodies and good vocals – pretty fun to listen to and really well produced. I would probably not describe it as exciting but while it is mainly familiar, they still have managed to give this album a relatively fresh sound. The playing time is about fifty minutes on eight tracks plus a bonus track and as the label writes, it is great fun to listen to.

I find that I like this album; it has much to offer in terms of very strong songs and some great fun that you get from listening to the album. It is an enjoyable album in my view – but it is less enjoyable to write about it, as I can’t really think of anything to write even though I like the album. I suppose I could mention that I probably think that the track Angels Without Wings is the most enjoyable track; the opener is pretty strong as well. I also think we should mention the ending track that is a strong fucking bonus track and strong ending. And then I have really ran out of things to write, there are no flaws to count and there are not that many highlights or eyebrow raisers as well, it is just a good and strong album.

It is a fresh album that still sounds familiar and goes down pretty common paths while still remaining slightly outside the boxes – that is very good. And then of course it could be wise to point out with this strong the debut, there is a strong possibility for even better stuff in the future so Mirrorplain might be a good name to remember. And as you remember the name, you remember that this is an album well worth checking out.





Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Skylight/Fremdkoerper/Trunkenbolde

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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