Midnite City

1. We Belong
2. Ghost Of My Old Friends
3. Summer Of Our Lives
4. Nothing’s Like Losing You
5. Last Beat Of My Heart
6. Everything You Meant To Me
7. Can’t Wait For The Nights
8. One Step Away
9. I Just Can’t Take It
10. Things She Said
11. Think About You

Rob Wylde - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Pete Newdeck - Drums & Bg Vocals
Miles Meakin - Lead Guitar & Bg Vocals
Shawn Charvette - Keys & Bg Vocals
Josh 'Tabbie' Williams - Bass & Bg Vocals



Recorded at PNP Productions in Tewkesbury UK

Released 2017-10-20
Reviewed 2017-11-26

aor heaven

Debut album from a band called Midnite City, a band that can actually be judged by its cover. It sounds as it looks. The band itself was put together with Rob Wylde who has been heard in other fairly known melodic rock bands, and to his help he has other names that have been heard in known British melodic hardorck outfits. And as usual when it comes to those nostalgic rockers it is good review scores and happy fans, because what is better than one more album that sounds more or less the same?

Because that is what this album does, sounds like this kind of music in general. Eighties styled melodic hardrock with catchy choruses the genre typical vocalist and typical songs of the genre. Nothing that stands apart from what we usually hear in this genre. Production is good and the music has energy and enthusiasm, perhaps both album and songs are a little bit on the long side, which can be a bit detrimental to the album as a whole. I think it is an album that feels a bit long.

It is a good album, pretty catchy and energetic. The songs are good all the way through and I don’t think it offers anything we haven’t heard before and it is an album one likes for a while and then forgets. I will probably not even remember this album when this year should be summarised in a month or so – it is good abut also anonymous considering how many albums just like it that already exist.

If you like this kind of music you will probably find this a fairly enjoyable album, it could be worth checking out if you fit that description. To me it is one more stat plays the nostalgia card and while this familiarity can be nice and good and this album is quite good but it is also a little bit boring.






Label: AOR Heaven/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Tigertailz/Vega/Steevi Jaimz
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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