Martina Edoff
We Will Align

1. Turn our pages
2. Champions
3. Alive
4. We will align
5. Lay down your arms
6. Face the mirror
7. Set you free
8. I’m invincible
9. Truth came knocking
10. Brand new world

Martina Edoff - vocals
Björn Höglund - drums
Nalle Påhlsson - bass
Stefan Bergström - guitar
Jona Tee - keyboard

Martina Edoff (2014)
Unity (2015)


Produced By Jona Tee
Mixed by Tobias Lindell

Released 2017-09-22
Reviewed 2017-09-04


aor heaven

“Stirring, confident melodies from an unashamed Swedish rock chick!” was quoted as something written about a previous album from Swedish rock chick Martina Edoff. We Will Align is Edoff’s third album and a thing that struck me when I was looking at this album was that the photo used on the cover is a very good photo, I like that. I was also struck by how good the title track of this album is. But then again, when having help by some AOR heroes in the song writing process it has to be almost a certainty that there are some great tracks on this album. This usually also has the consequence that the album won’t be particularly original, that it will stay true to form without really exploring any new avenues – and this is true about this album as well.

Female fronted melodic rock/AOR is what it is all about. Music spiced up by Edoff’s vocals, great production, strong melodies and catchy choruses, kind of what a female fronted melodic rock album should be all about. Decent variation through the songs as well, I don’t think you can claim that there is much missing – and did I mention that the vocals are great? If I didn’t, they are great and one of the highlights of the album. An album that doesn’t stand out much compared with most stuff in this genre, but then again I have not known music fans to be having much lust for originality so it may not be much of a problem anyway.

There are some flaws on this album, I don’t think it ends very well and there are some duller moments here and there. However, there are some brilliant moments as well meaning that the album is a great one. The title track is quite brilliant and I also think that the opening track is very strong and the track called Face the Mirror is an excellent track as well. So it both looks and sounds attractive, which means of course that it is recommended. Recommended for anyone who really likes great and catchy music.

I would claim that this album is quite an impressive third effort and well worth checking out. Great stuff from an unashamed Swedish rock chick, I like it a lot. It has some flaws but I still think that it is a very good album with some super duper highlights. Great stuff indeed, I think it is an album well worth checking out, so if you enjoy the melodic rock and especially the female fronted variety you should really check this album out.



Label: AOR Heaven/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Dante Fox/Joan Jett/Heart
Ratings: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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