Tempus Fugit

1. So kalt dein Lächeln
2. Judas
3. Tempus Fugit
4. Böse Fee
5. Blutmond
6. Messer Gabel Schere
7. Lilith
8. Virus Mensch
9. Bis dein Auge bricht
10. Der letzte Boxer

Thomas C. Hertz - vocals
Der Heizzer - guitar
Lippmann - bass
Brukke - drums

Lichtgestalt (EP 2014)
Motorenherz (2015)



Released 2017-05-26
Reviewed 2017-05-16


pride & joy

Time flies for German metal heroes Lichtgestalt, two years have gone since their debut album Motorenherz that saw light of day in 2015. That album was a great one and this one looks kind of similar from the outside and it gives us ten tracks, ten tracks that like the predecessor have titles in German. And of those titles I think the last one called Die Letzte Boxer is an outstanding ending for this album and probably one of the best endings of an album so far this year.

Before said ending we get 43 minutes of metal from the more gothic school with a typical gothic vocalist and songs of decent variation and strong melody. The production is great and I think they have taken a pretty big step forward compared with the debut, and that wasn’t too shabby to begin with. And I would say that they sound fairly fresh and exciting, and I think that this is an album that should have a relatively wide appeal.

It is also great and that always helps to attract an audience. All the ten tracks are strong and well worth listening to, even if I think that the ending track is by far the best one. Besides that great ending I also think that the title track is a great one, and probably the second highlight on this album. And with that I have really run out of ideas of what to write about this album as while it is a great album to listen to with a very memorable ending, it is still difficult to think of things to write about it.

Therefore my ending phrase will have to be that this is a recommended album, it is quite fresh and it is very good. Tempus Fugit is an album well worth checking out, and when you do be prepared to be knocked out by the last boxer.





Label: Pride & Joy Music/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Letzte Instanz/Nachtgeschrei/Lacrimosa
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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