01. Compass
02. Fanatic
03. Exodus
04. Thought Pattern
05. Abyss
06. Corner of my own
07. Do you want my lawnmower
08. Downfall
09. New Horizon
10. Stand Down
11. Orbiting the Void
12. Terminal Velocity
13. Polarity
14. Despondent (Bonus track)

Michael Ehrnstén: Vocals, keys
Johan Stigsson: Guitars
Robert Bunke: Bass
Dennis Ehrnstén: Drums

For The Present Purpose (2008)
The Delirium Suite (2010)


All songs written, arranged and produced by Korea
Mixed by Teddy Möller
Mastered by Jocke Skog
Cover art and booklet design by Pierre-Alain D./3MMI Design

Released 2017-08-25
Reviewed 2017-09-25


Korea is a funny name for a band, especially one from Sweden. And it is a band where the press release claims that the wait is over, the seven year long wait since the latest album. Question is how many has really been waiting, I am sure there are a few that has been waiting for a follow up to 2010 release The Delirium Suite and why not, that was a pretty solid effort after all. This new release will certainly appeal to the one who liked their previous effort, as this is clearly a step forward compared with the predecessor and it just like that it has a good-looking artwork and the production is terrific and with better-written songs they have clearly made a significant step forward.

It is difficult to describe how this album sounds as it touches many different genres like melodic hardrock, pop music, some of those post-metal, post-hardcore things that some like to use. They are a band that has a pretty own style, yet with many familiar traits to their style. Many hit-like choruses and those kinds of things are being offered through this album that gives the listener fourteen tracks and more than an hour of music. It also shows for good variation and depth, making it an album that is well-suited for repeat listening and varied enough to keep the listener interested for the entire playing time, I think it feels short for an album that plays for more than an hour – and that is a strong showing I think.

Thumbs up for Abiogenesis, it is a very attractive albumin every regard. It has fourteen strong songs where several can be considered hit songs, even though I don’t really have any real favourite. Perhaps that the funnily titled seventh track is a good candidate though, but there are more of them. Personally I don’t see any particular weaknesses on the album but some might argue that there are some very slow part and that could be considered a valid argument even though I don’t really see a problem with it myself but you could argue that it slows the album down a little bit.

Perhaps the seven years since the latest album has done wonders for the band and their music because this is a clear step forwards for them. And it is a much more exciting and much more interesting album that feels a lot more exciting and complete than the predecessor did. I can clearly recommend Abiogenesis because it is an interesting album and really good album to listen to, so what are you waiting for? Check it out, it is worth it.






Label: Vicisolum Productions
Tre liknande band: Katatonia/Anathema/A-Ha

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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