Killing Suzy
Everybody Dies, Darling!

1. Everybody Dies
2. Sisters
3. Falling
4. Broken Dreams
5. Pain Makes Me Stronger
6. Lament In Prediction
7. Courtly Love
8. Nail In My Flesh
9. Aphelion
10. Atlantis

Ambra Malaise - Vocals
Ralf Rage - Guitars
Sebastian Fay - Keys
Jens Division - Bass
Gerry Gloom - Drums



all music and lyrics by Killing Suzy
recorded at molded studios, very molded studios, cramped studios, molded & cramped studios by the recordingfee
mixed at terrible gloomy sound studios by the mixingfee
mastered at Soundsight Studio by Armin Rave
cover artwork by Sandra Näsemann (lilli lost)
photo by Metamorphis

Released 2017-08-15
Reviewed 2017-10-03


Everybody Dies, Darling! Claims this German band as the title of their debut album. It is an album with a cool artwork and the Everybody Dies phrase reminds me of my favourit TV-show even though it is probably not much on TV anywhere nowadays. Besides the artwork we get 44 minutes of music on ten tracks all going in the gothic direction, a bit dark and it is female fronted.

Good vocalist was one reflection I had when I listened to this album the first time and I think the same now after having played through the album many times. The production is good, and the album is fairly varied and keep you listening for the entire playing time. The songs are rather easy to take to, there are not much in terms of complexity – I would describe it as a rather standardised female fronted gothic metal album, one can hardly accuse them of being musically adventurous.

This is a good album with good songs where the opening pair of songs can be described as the highlight of the album where the second one called Sisters probably can be described as the most memorable of the album. It would be fair to describe this as a very strong debut – a debut that promises much for their future in music. It is a solid effort, but I think they should have dared to think a little bit outside the box. It feels like they play it a little safe and that risks anonymity, the band could end up lost in the masses of similar music.

If you like female fronted gothic metal I would think that this is a good choice for you, as you would probably like this album. It is a nice album with good songs, a very good debut album and I would not be surprised if these guys would come up with some great album in the future when they have had time to evolve a bit more as a band. And with that we can conclude that Everybody Dies, Darling!


Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Sun of Sadness/Within Temptation/Lacrimosa

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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