Space Muffin – Rusty Edition

2.Secret Place
4.Bare Knuckle
5.Born to suffer
6.Lies of mind
7.Try to save the appearances
8.NGC 2244
9.The Electric Tongue Is Coming (bonus track)
10.Rusty Gold (bonus track)
11.Deepest Shadow (bonus track)
12.Oops, I Eat You (bonus track)
13.Old Man's Legacy (bonus track)

Alessandro Zanetti - Bass
Daniele Pedrollo - Drums
Massimo Dalla Valle - Guitars
Michele Montanari - Keyboards
Enrico Gastaldo - Vocals

The Survivor (EP 2012)
Space Muffin (2015)


Recorded & mixed at Liquid Sound Studio, mastering by Massimo "Dalla".

Released 2017-06-30
Reviewed 2017-07-04

argonauta records

A muffin from space is what Italian stoner rockers Kayleth have to offer, once more. The once more because they released their debut album Space Muffin two years ago, now they combine it with their demo EP Rusty Gold and all of a sudden you have a rusty edition of Space Muffin with new cover art, new graphic material, lyrics, etc, a more complete edition one could argue. Although I think the cover art looked better in the past, in the good old days. Not that the new artwork is bad but the old one was more exciting, but as I missed that back then they get a new chance here in the hallowed pages – so lets see what we think…

Stoner rock/metal is the simple way to describe it, I think the connoisseur of the genre will be able to place their Italian origin. They mostly offer straightforward music with lots of heavy riffs and powerful vocals, but they go out on a limb at times and breaks out into the sort of variety that is needed to keep someone listening for well over an hour which is how long this album plays now that they have added the five rusty tracks from the past. And if you think that leads to an incoherent album you need to think again, it doesn’t and the album feels very coherent. And the production is excellent, it is obvious that this band knows their craft very well.

And that in turn leads to a good album, it has some excellent songs like my favourite called Space Walk that is a nice break in the style that is set up with the first two tracks, and it isn’t the only track giving this feel. Still, even so it isn’t a brilliant album, I would have liked something a bit more fresh and exciting but I guess an album that has been gathering some rust can’t be expected to be too much forward thinking. It is good nevertheless and those who like Stoner Rock should be impressed and enjoy what they are hearing when checking these guys out.

But perhaps the real question is whether or not anyone who bought the original edition should buy this one, I think that is probably the most valid of the questions. I am a little bit ambivalent here, you get many things the original edition doesn’t have, a new cover and of course five new songs – five songs that neither add nor retract anything to or from the album in my view so they can probably be considered beneficial. I think that if you like the band and think that the new album looks good, you should consider buying this one as well. However, I think I would buy the original version if given that choice.





Label: Argonauta Records
Three similar bands: Orange Goblin/Kyuss/Monster Magnet
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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