Leftoverture Live & Beyond

1 Icarus II
2 Icarus (Borne on Wings of Steel)
3 Point of Know Return
4 Paradox
5 Journey from Mariabronn
6 Lamplight Symphony
7 Dust in the Wind
8 Rhythm in the Spirit
9 The Voyage of Eight Eighteen
10 Section 60
1 Carry On Wayward Son
2 The Wall
3 What's on My Mind
4 Miracles Out of Nowhere
5 Opus Insert
6 Questions of My Childhood
7 Cheyenne Anthem
8 Magnum Opus
9 Portrait (He Knew)

Phil Ehart – drums
Billy Greer – bass, vocals
David Manion – Piano, Keyboards, Organ, and Sound Design
Ronnie Platt – lead vocals, piano
David Ragsdale – violin, vocals
Zak Rizvi – electric guitar, vocals Richard Williams – electric & acoustic guitar

Kansas (1974)
Song for America (1975)
Masque (1975)
Leftoverture (1976)
Point of Know Return (1977)
Monolith (1979)
Audio-Visions (1980)
Vinyl Confessions (1982)
Drastic Measures (1983)
Power (1986)
In the Spirit of Things (1988)
Freaks of Nature (1995)
Always Never the Same (1998)
Somewhere to Elsewhere (2000)
The Prelude Implicit (2016)



Released 2017-11-03
Reviewed 2017-11-21



If you think the Leftoverture name seems familiar you wouldn’t be mistaken, it is the name of their sextuple platinum selling album that kind of started their success. It has some great hits like the ever brilliant Carry on Wayward Son that is still frequently played on radio stations etc. That album was released in 76 and they did a commemorative tour for that album after recording their latest album The Prelude Implicit, a brilliant album that left me with some expectations for this live release.

It comes in 4 LPs or 2 CDs, the CDs is as usual included in the vinyl package so that is more value of course. And I would have to say that any release from a band like Kansas is a tempting proposition, and this one certainly has much going for it. Sure youtube commentators have issues with things, like they always have when some key members change – but who takes what they say seriously anyway, as youtube commentators are at least 99 % idiots. And I don’t really think the melodic hardrock with classic elements needs much presentation as Kansas should be a well known band to most with over 30 million album sold, several multi platinum releases and even million selling singles.

And this album is a great document over this installation of Kansas, a live album with excellent songs from Leftoverture and beyond, all the way to the latest album The Prelude Implicit. It is a great sounding album as well, the setlist feels very much alive even though it is pieced together from several shows and if anything the album feels slightly under-produced – perhaps like a step up on an official bootleg making it feel very much alive and authentic. It is a very likeable album and even though I think the production could have been a bit more hands on to give the album a more dynamic sounds, I still don’t really think the album has any major flaws.

You just have to enjoy this great album, it has all you could want from a Kansas live album and some magic like Carry on Wayward Son that is musical brilliance, always. And more than that don’t really need to be said about this album. I recommend that you have a close look at it - it is great!




Label: InsideOut
Three similar bands: Styx/REO Speedwagon/Boston

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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