Jule Vera
Waiting on the Sun

1. Show Me
2. Something Good
3. 10,000 Hours
4. Bad Company
5. Lifeline
6. Porch Swing
7. Cruel Life
8. Running
9. Waiting
10. Can't Help

Ansley Newman - vocals
Jake Roland - guitar
Chase Haws - guitar
Will Stacey - bass
Kyle Horvath - drums



Recorded and produced by Frequency

Released 2017-06-16
Reviewed 2017-09-12

weekday music

American band Jule Vera are waiting on the sun, that sounds like a hot new album from a hot new band perhaps. The quintet from Alabama calls their debut album Waiting for the Sun and it is an indie pop story with a female vocalist and a decent array of songs clocking in at around 35 minutes. They offer ten songs that shows a wide array of influences and in a style not that similar to most what we are writing about here at Hallowed. I think you can find traces of Broadway musical, of Motown, and many other popular musical things.

It is a relatively varied album with great production and performances, strong vocals – I would claim that the vocalist is a strong part of this album. There is a decent variation throughout the album, and while the tempo is on the lower side it still has a pretty good drive throughout even though there are one or two moments where I think the album lacks pace a little bit. I think however, that they have started out well with a relatively fresh and interesting approach to their music even though they might not be standing out that much just yet.

One could describe this album as a good start, a good introduction to this band. It sounds like they have just started to find their own voice and that they have some great potential to make very interesting music in the future, but that’s not to say that they doesn’t make a good album in this one. It is a solid effort and a good pop music album that is certain to appeal to quite a few people; it is a likeable album with several very strong songs.

The first track is probably the one that stands out most for me, really good track that sets a nice tone to the album. I also think that the penultimate track Waiting is a very good song, a nice ballad with good feel and everything. With that said, and all the other positive things said, I still think that this album will be lost in the great number of albums being released these days.




Label: Weekday Records 
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Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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