Jessica Wolff

1. Reckless
2. Chase Me Down
3. Playing For Keeps
4. War
5. Under Your Spell
6. Grounded
7. Arrow
8. Saving Someone Else
9. Roots
10. Magic Castl
11. Love Me Like You Never Did Before (Album Mix)

Jessica Wolff – vocals
Ari Manninen – guitar
Sebastian Lindqvist – guitar
Cheri Martin – bass
Jarno Vanhanen – drums

Renegade (2013)



Released 2017-11-17
Reviewed 2017-11-28


metalpolis records

A Finnish adrenaline junkie who does stunt work, Kung Fu, extreme sports and what have you. That is some information that we get in the press material that accompanies the new album by Jessica Wolff, it is called grounded and Jessica’s face is one the cover. Inside the cover we find ten tracks from a warm-hearted girl, the latter once again according to the press material. And this girl is now hoping to fill out the radio waves with her songs, and the songs certainly has the hit-potential to be heard over the radio waves.

It is female fronted pop-rock music with catchy choruses, guitar driven and with strong melodies – accessible music that could go down well with the masses. Jessica has a good voice and the album is really well produced with a quite normal collection of songs. I wouldn’t say that we are offered any surprises or wow-moments; it is a quality production of songs that follows a classic format that has been done many times by many artists.

It is an album that I have enjoyed listening to; the songs are all catchy and good all the way through. But as a critic it is difficult to really find much enthusiasm for yet another album that is made to a format, and made countless times as well. Grounded is probably just above the average, and it is an album that is enjoyable to listen to for a while but not really an album that makes me stop and take notice. I guess fans of the female fronted poppier rock music will find it a very agreeable album, although I doubt it will make much of a mark over the radio waves.

Playing for Keeps is probably my favourite song on the album but I am not really playing this album for keeps, it will go in the biggest pile. Jessica needs to find a more individual way of expressing herself if she wants to make relevant music, this simply is a good but ultimately very forgettable album.





Label: Metalapolis Records
Three similar bands: Issa/Alyson Avenue/Heart
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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