Jag Panzer
The Deviant Chord

1. Born Of The Flame
2. Far Beyond All Fear
3. The Deviant Chord
4. Blacklist
5. Foggy Dew
6. Divine Intervention
7. Long Awaited Kiss
8. Salacious Behavior
9. Fire Of Our Spirit
10. Dare

Harry Conklin – vocals
Mark Briody – guitars
Joey Tafolla – guitars
John Tetley – bass
Rikard Stjernquist - drums

Ample Destruction (1984)
Dissident Alliance (1994)
The Fourth Judgement (1997)
The Age of Mastery (1998)
Thane to the Throne (2000)
Mechanized Warfare (2001)
Chain of Command (2004)
Casting the Stones (2004)
The Scourge of the Light (2011)


cover artwork by Dusan Markovic

Released 2017-09-29
Reviewed 2017-09-29



An album 2011 and then there was silence, at least on the album front for Jag Panzer. Now six years later they return with a new album, and album about the deviant chord. And I think that they have certainly nailed the artwork, it looks great but no matter how many Vitruvian men you can find on the cover, it still has to sound as good as it looks in order to be a worthwhile album. And the old Americans say that they have worked to give each song their own tempo and ley signature, and that it was thanks to the interest of the fans they got together again to make new music. So what about the new music then? Well, I think it is great and will appeal both to their old fans and to new fans they will win thanks to this new album.

It is all about power metal, there are no strange things in that regard. It is a fresh sounding production, good variation, and decent vocalist, certainly an album that sounds powerful and modern with both depth and variation. They do manage to sound like a classic power metal band, yet have a fresh sound with nuances that makes you want to listen. The songs are often very catchy as well, they draw you in quite easily and then keep you listening for the duration, which is 45 minutes split over ten tracks.

All tracks are good; there are no weak tracks. I don’t think there are any real standout tracks either, opening Born of the Fire is a good tone-setter and a candidate for a standout, as is the track Foggy Dew but in the end I don’t think any track really towers above the other tracks on the album. It is a solid effort with regards to the tracks and I really like them all, I really like the album that doesn’t really have any weakness. It should appeal to old and new fans alike as it is both classic and modern in the same stroke and that is usually a good recipe for getting good attention and today’s release certainly deserves good attention.

I recommend that you check out this album, it is an appealing one. It pushes all the right buttons and it is certainly one of the more exciting and one of the better power metal albums I have heard this year. I think it is worth looking closer at, perhaps by buying the vinyl edition to look at that big and attractive vinyl cover art.




Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Three similar bands: Iced Earth/Eidolon/Iron Savior
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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