1. Sullen Moon
2. Break
3. Keep Your Word
4. Sing Loud
5. Come to save
6. Hold on
7. Strain
8. Panic
9. Caught
10. Hang
11. You’re gone

James Blake - bass, vocals
Rick Graham - guitar
Pete Pagonis - drums

Dig In (EP 2015)
Impulse (2016)


Produced by Pete Pagonis
All songs mixed by Jethro Chaplin @ mwnci studios, except track 4 mixed by Pete Pagonis and Mike Troolines @ Sound Asylum
Mastered @ Hafod Mastering by Gethin John

Released 2017-10-12
Reviewed 2017-09-20


off yer rocka

Idlewar is an American trio from the southern parts of California and they are now releasing their second album, following their debut album that was released last year. Besides the two albums they have released an EP in 2015 so it is a relatively new band that is looking to establish themselves as a strong band. The cover of this second album called Rite isn’t exactly striking me as a brilliant cover but as always I have been listening through the important parts for several days now so that I can write my views on this album.

“This record sounds like a Mad Max machine convoy. A group of ferocious apocalyptic vehicles barreling through the wasteland full throttle... about to come apart at the hinges. Then every so often they slow or even stop to survey the landscape all the while contrasting their silhouette of destruction against a backdrop of serenity.” No further descriptions will be necessary, or perhaps I can point out that the album can be described as bluesy hard rock music with strong energy and power. The production is quite raw, not much space for the melodies but it is a rather intensive album I would say. The vocalist has authority and he fits the album quite well but he isn’t particularly impressive in regards to the voice.

I think that this is a good album; the songs works quite well and they are rather good. I would have liked a but more depth and variation though, and I would also have liked to see a standout hit song that makes the listener want to return to the album over and over, it doesn’t have any song like that which is a shame. So there are some flaws and it has no real standout song but it is still a very solid album even though I think the band needs to find a voice that is a little more of their own voice. Rite is an appealing album from a strong band that still has some way to go before they can be considered a band for the absolute pinnacle of rock music.




Label: Off Yer Rocka Recordings
Three similar bands: Clutch/QOTSA/King’s X

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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