Wet Girls and Other Funny Tales

01. Radical Shit
02. BrazzersDotCom
03. Fat Girls Are Goin’ Mad
04. G.R.A.B. (GhettoRatchetAssbitch)
05. Don’t Wanna Be Like Johnny
06. Till the Night Is Over
07. We Are Gonna Kick Your Ass
08. Oh My God!
09. Sweet Little Dummy
10. Six Pack on Your Back
11. Maniac

Andrew “The Eagle” Skid – Lead Vocals
Alex Rotten – Guitars & Screamin’ Vocals
Helias Marson – Guitars & Bg Vocals
SteelBlade – Bass Guitar & Bg Vocals
Fabulous Fab – Drums




Released 2017-04-13
Reviewed 2017-07-13

sliptrick records

Well, the girl on the cover isn’t the sexiest one I have seen on an album cover. She is on the cover on Italian (obviously) band HoneyBomb’s debut album that promises many funny tales and when I look at the facts it is amusing to see that the tradition of stage names still lives on among the Italian bands. The song titles are pubertal and perhaps somewhat sexist, kind of like you can expect from Italians in this genre. This quintet came to life back in 2012 and it took them a few years to find a solid line up and release their debut album called Wet Girls and Other Funny Tales. And that is an album that is said to be starting with Radical Shit, a song that is called that because the album offers nothing radical whatsoever.

We are dealing with a sleaze album here, hard and catchy rock music with tempo and energy, catchy choruses and all that stuff. The songs are always straight to the point and quite easily accessible, there are no surprises and no radical shit appearing when I listen through this album – it is more or less what I suspected from seeing the artwork. They follow the format, to the letter more or less. And the production is solid, the sound is likable and so is the vocalist that suits the album very well. There isn’t much to complain about when it comes to the handiwork used to create this album, the creative aspect is another matter though as this album can’t be said to reveal a very creative band – they offers nothing that we haven’t heard before and I don’t think they do it better than the best either so it is probably another one that will disappear into forgetfulness.

But before we forget it we can conclude that it is a pretty good album, I like the catchy nature and the energy it offers. It is a good album to have in the background when writing, driving or whatever you do when you listen to music in the background. One takes to the songs easily and they are very easy to like, and I kind of like the album even though it will not provide and lasting impression and I will have forgotten it some week from now. Fans of Sleaze should certainly check out this one as it offers what they like and it is well enough performed and produced to be fitting well into such a person’s collection.

In the end though I think this is a solid debut but it should have been more exciting and better if it were to be remembered. The album lacks a standout-hit song, it lacks originality and imagination – and though being silly is good for an album in this genre, this is a little ridiculous at times. It is a while of musical entertainment but nothing that will come along during the journey through life.








Label: Sliptrick records
Three similar bands: Crazy Lixx/Warrant/Hardcore Superstar
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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