Close to Collapse

01. Imminent
02. Thrown
03. Come Down
04. In Here
05. Will It Be Enough
06. Death Screens
07. All Alone
08. The Sights
09. Faded
10. I Cant Let It Fall
11. Make It Go Away

Xavier Schattel - guitar
Antoine Verdier - bass
Aaron Sadrin - vocals, guitar
Cyril Merlaud - drums



All songs written, performed, produced and mixed by Aaron Sadrin
All instruments recorded at An Exile Music, Paris
Vocals recorded by Cédric at D.N.I. Studio, Combs-la-Ville
Additional mixing at EICAR, Paris
Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio, Montpellier
Artworks by Aaron Sadrin

Released 2017-06-16
Reviewed 2017-07-11


Close to Collapse is the debut album of the band/project called Heartlay, a project by Aaron Sadrin who does the music on the album and uses a band for the live shows. It was born as a creative outlet for Sadrin in 2014 and since then there have been two EPs and here comes the first album for the French outfit. I have given this album a few hours of my time and below this opening paragraph you can read whatever conclusions I have come up with.

A bit industrial in style, metal with lots of synths, electronics, a sound that is balancing between strength and vulnerabilities – good melodies and a sense of melancholy. The songs are fairly varied and the eleven songs have a short enough playing time for it not to feel very long. Strong sound and strong production are apparent touches on this album, the vocalist fits the sound really well and Aaron Sadrin has put together a very strong production with this album and I think it is an album worth checking out.

This is a great album, the songs are very strong and I really like the sound. Heartlay can certainly be described as a project worth checking out, especially this album. Musically it is certainly not close to collapse, perhaps close to success but that depends more on the market than the quality of the music itself. I think it is an album with a rather fresh sound and feel; sure it isn’t unique or anything but fresh enough to be interesting. Close to Collapse is a very strong album, and I think it is well worth having a closer look at, it is good and it even has some excitement.

A bit of a difficult album to write about, and while I think the first part of the album is the best I still can’t pick a favourite track as none of them really stand out from the rest – all the tracks are strong. The album itself is strong and while I cannot figure out very much to write about it, I know that it is an album well worth checking out and that I hope to be hearing more from Hearlay in the Future – Close to Collapse is well worth checking out.




Label: An Exile Music
Three similar bands: Raubtier/T.A.N.K./InCry
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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