Heart Attack
The Resilience

1. Nocturnal Sight
2. Burn My Flesh
3. Congrats To People
4. Fight To Overcome
5. Sound And Light
6. When The Light Dies Down
7. Dead And Gone
8. Feed The Fire
9. Disorder
10. The Resilience

Tony Amato - Bass guitars, Lead vocals
Christophe Cesari - Rhythm & lead guitars, acoustic and classical guitars, Keyboards, Back vocals
Kevin Geyer - Rhythm Guitars, Lead vocals
Christophe Icard - Drums & Percussions

Stop Pretending (2013)


Recording : Sebastien Camhi at artMusic Studio
Mix / Master: Frederic Gervais at Henosis Studio
Artwork by The Chromatorium

Released 2017-03-24
Reviewed 2017-03-07

apathia records

Pretty dramatic name these guys have taken, this French quartet who is releasing their second album called The Resilience. An album from a band clearly inspired by band like Lamb of God, Machine Head and many more in the same vein. From the face of it I would appear that it is an album with a fair bit of bite but in reality I would say that they could have benefitted from a tad more bite.

Musically they fall under the category that is described as groove metal, they are heavy with a thrashy edge and lots of groove and energy. The production is good and I also think the vocalist does well on this album. You can clearly hear their inspirations and they borrow stuff from them, so originality isn’t exactly something you get from this album so all of you who fear what’s new can breathe a sigh of relief as this album offers nothing new. So it plays on the familiar grooves and will probably be easy to take in because of that, but with 46 minutes of playing time I would describe this as a tad on the long side.

The Resilience is a good album it presses the right buttons for those who likes band already mentioned in this review, and I suspect that those who fit that description will find this an agreeable album. I think it is good to listen to but due to it not being very fresh from a creative standpoint it is difficult to really find a place for it, it is one of those I like listening to for a while but then simply forget. I don’t really think that Heart Attack offer anything we haven’t heard before, and they are simply not good enough at what they do to really stand out on quality. So it is one of those albums that is bound to be forgotten as soon as I move on to the next in the list of albums to review.

I can’t say that they surprised me into a heart attack and that their new album is resilient enough to make me want to buy it and listen to it over and over again now that I am done. It is good enough to give a few spins but then it will simply be forgotten and never anything more than perhaps a footnote but I don’t think The Resilience will be even that. I think this album would have benefitted from a little more bite, isn’t that a fine way to end?




Label: Apathia Records
Three similar bands: Machine Head/Lamb Of God/Slayer
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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