City of Sin

1. Tears Of Whiskey
2. Hotel 2nd Age
3. Take The Last Dance With Me
4. Then We Cried
5. Pretty Little Devil
6. Far Away
7. Now I Know
8. Fame
9. St. Elvis Day
10. City Of Sin
11. We Are The Outcasts
12. Werewolf

Vocals and guitar: Emil Oelund
Guitars: Christian Noergaard
Double-bass: Jakob Oelund
Drums: Per Fisker

Wonderland (2015)

Rob Caggiano - guitar on Far Away

Produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen
Drums and guitar recorded with Jakob Gundel
Artwork by by Karsten Sand

Released 2017-03-24
Reviewed 2017-04-23


mighty music

The grumpy Danes are back with a new album, their second. This time they are visiting the city of sin and the two things that stand out compared with the predecessor is the better artwork and that they have one more song on this album. That is when we look at the first impression, the music has matured slightly but it is still the same rockabilly, rock’n’roll in heavier format that we heard on the debut album – not much, if anything, has changed since the debut album two years ago. Their music is a playful mix of style that ultimately feels very familiar and borrowed no matter from which position you look at this album. They have managed to mix things not often mixed and make something even more predictable than those not testing this thing, the lack of novelty when hearing this album is actually a bit disturbing.

Less disturbing is the positive and playful attitude in the music; the simple catchiness it is offering is almost infectious. The sound is great and so is the vocalist, this is clearly an album that will go down well with fans of many different preferences thanks to its simple catchy nature. It is music that can be liked by anyone. But it is as appealing as it is tiresome and it doesn’t take many repeat listens before you want to throw it on the pile of albums that is never to be played again. It is like most albums released to day, it doesn’t really invoke any emotion or desire to play it again. And didn’t I hear the Ace of Spades melody in there somewhere?

The answer is probably: yes but you didn’t pay enough attention to be sure, and that can be said for the album as a whole. There are two songs that standout and one that is really impressive. Hotel 2nd Age is a strong track but the track following, Take the Last Dance With Me deserves to be a smash hit as it is an absolutely stunning track – the only time I have really liked Grumpynators. Besides that there isn’t much; good songs but nothing to really write home about and the lack of novelty the first time I heard it still disturbs me, like it does so many times when I listen to new albums.

The Danes might have taken a step forward but to make yourself really relevant in the music business you have to do something that stands out or drown amongst the other countless bands that are out there. These guys will drown so I guess they will continue on being grumpy while they contemplate the next wave of uninteresting songs that they will try and breakthrough with – or perhaps they take a new direction and put out something really stunning. There was after all, a flash of brilliance on this otherwise good but forgettable album. And my ending conclusion is that it take more than City of Sin to really make an impression, an album of fillers is not the way to go.





Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Social Distortion/Motörhead/Johnny Cash

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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