Goat War

1. Goathammer
2. Fuck Possessor
3. Warwolf
4. Black Grave

Julius Bloodaxe - Guitar
Laamp - Drums
Dick Nekrowulf - Guitar & Vox



Recorded at Paris Dungeon
Cover Art: Daniel Artgrinder

Released 2017
Reviewed 2017-12-21


heathen tribes

Some ideas are just brilliant, while others are not as impressive. From Hell, Michigan comes this band that calls themselves Goat War and they have during the latter stages of 2018 released their debut called Warwolf. It is a four-track EP that looks pretty boring and it is being sold with press biographies and stuff that looks like a small child trying to appear cool wrote them. It seems sold in a rather ridiculous way, and the artwork isn’t really much better. So can something that looks this childish and poor be any good? Well it probably could but this is not it, this idea that is Goat War wasn’t terrific, it was terrible.

The music is lo-fi black/thrash metal. It has energy and roughness, it isn’t particularly impressive from a creative standpoint. It is kind of silly, but not in a good way – It kind of creates headaches. And the four tracks kind of blend together into a black mass of hellish racketing, not something that will be easy-listening for most people. The four tracks only requires about nine minutes to get through and perhaps that can be described as the most positive aspects of the entire experience of getting through this album – and I almost thought it was one of those hidden gems that one finds every now and then, but instead it was something terrible.

I think some ideas should never be realised, like the holocaust, like Donald Trump for president in any nation, like the birth of Donald Trump, like North Korea and some more. Warwolf isn’t quite on the Trump stage but it is an idea that should have been dismissed before it was realised. I just cannot find anything positive about this album, it is just a racket, like the solo part in the first track that is physically painful to listen to – it is that bad.

I don’t think it would be wise to get this release, it is bad and it is pointless. Perhaps it could be a choice if you like lo-fi black metal, but I am not really sure that anyone will see much point in this release. Though one have to admit that sometimes it is difficult to really understand how some people think so there are probably some that will like this and this is quite far from the worst release I have ever heard. Still, I can't help asking myself: what’s the point?





Label: Heathen Tribes
Three similar bands: Darkthrone/Bathory/Mayhem

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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