1. Psycho
2. Frost Sign
3. Caution
4. Sinful
5. Veil
6. Wish
7. Darkness
8. Anger
9. Scars

Gord Esau - Bass
Rob Queen - Drums
Stephen Roberts - Guitars
David Bevis - Keyboards
Stephanie Neufeld - Vocals




Released 2017-01-27
Reviewed 2017-02-21



The skeleton is deep in thought on the cover of the debut album by Canadian band Evereal, a female fronted melodic metal band with symphonic touches. An album of nine tracks almost all of them have one-word titles, all but the second track and the first one is called Psycho – it would seem exciting and the cover artwork certainly is cool. But the album is not as thought-worthy as the skeletons makes it appear but it is a rather good album and a promising debut.

Well-produced album with pretty strong melodies and good vocals, the tempo is not overly high but the variation is relatively good over 42 minutes of music. I would not describe them as particularly fresh, the album offers no surprises – you can expect what is to come as soon as the first track starts, it is a bit predictable and the band keeps it a bit on the comfortable and safe side. I think they could have dared a little more, take some paths not so much travelled and so on.

So, maybe not as exciting or thought-worthy as I hoped but it is good enough to give a moment of my time. I think the album is good; it has some strong moments and the band certainly show that they know what they are doing. What I would have liked though, is a bit more bravery and a bit less predictability. I don’t really think they fully realise their potential, they do what they do well but their music doesn’t stand out compared with other bands of a similar disposition. That means that this is an album that will probably drown in the ever-flowing stream of albums being released these days.

They make a good album, a strong debut. But it is hardly one that will be remembered when the year 2017 is to be summarised many months from now. I think Evereal is an interesting band and their debut album is a relatively interesting album, however it is not an album that will make more than a small ripple in the streams of metal music.





Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Nightwish/Within Temptation/Evanescense

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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