Emil Amos

side A:
1. Dialtone
2. Midnight Feature
3. Bed Of Nails II
4. Morbid Funeral
5. Lonesome Traveler
6. Reservations
7. Elements Cycling
side B:
1. Jaaneman
2. Know Yr Arrested
3. Chase Scene
4. Scenic Colors
5. Dead Cop Drama
6. Mandrax Poisoning
7. Another Day

Emil Amos



Info:Artwork by Eric Adrian Lee

Released 2017-06-02
Reviewed 2017-07-03

pelagic records

Some guy calling himself Emil Amos is releasing his first album under his own name. It is a soundtrack to an imaginary suspense movie in a European seventies style. It is a movie where the suspense plays a bigger role than the action. An album dedicated to the atmospheres rather than to hit songs and that sort of thing. We don’t get much tempo, it is more slow suspense and there is no much in terms of heaviness either, it is not an album that dominates a scene, unless you fit the scene for the album itself. And album that is rather short for a film score, just over 40 minutes so Emil’s movie is either very short or it has very long periods of silence. Either way, I would describe it as a good production.

As I stated in the earlier paragraph, this is Amos’ first album under his own name but during the last twenty years he has more than fifty albums to his name. He is the drummer for bands like OM, Grails and Lilacs & Champagne and the vocalist and guitarist for the band Holy Sons, he is a very skilled musicians and that is certainly discernible from listening to this album. An album that is mostly instrumental but with some tracks having a vocal presence but then it is mostly atmospheric and a bit diffuse in character. It is an album with good sound and variation, one that should appeal to those already listening to the things Amos does.

It is an album that requires you to sit down and listen, to put the album in the first room. It is not a good album for background music while doing things or while driving, as it is easy to lose interest if you listen to the album like that. It is good but perhaps not so good that I just want to sit down and listen to it and not doing anything else. Nevertheless, it is a creative way to make music and that should be commended in a time when most music can be described as uninspired copies of what has come before, but you can just be original or creative the music should be exciting as well and I am not so sure that this album is.

Perhaps if I had seen the movie but it just doesn’t come to life when I listen to this album, it has some great atmospheres and emotions but it is just that and in the end I don’t think that is enough for a great album. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of what Amos has done before you really should have a closer look at this album - it is fairly interesting.






Label: Pelagic Records
Three similar bands: Grails/Lilacs & Champagne/Ennio Morricone
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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