Ember Sea
How to Tame a Heart

1. To Atlantis
2. In Temptation
3. Oasis
4. Your Love
5. Dance of Pain
6. Portrait Enemy
7. Heather
8. Hollow
9. The Ones
10. Dawning

Eva Gerland – Vocals
Stefan Santag – Guitars
Dirk Marquardt – Keyboards
Pablo J. Tammen – Bass
Enrico Mier – Drums

Nova (2013)



Released 2017-08-04
Reviewed 2017-07-26


The words about Ember Sea’s debut album Nova were positive from the Hallowed reviewer and this time they are looking to tame a heart, or perhaps telling us how to do it. So do they have what it takes? The cover art is no better than what they offered us four years ago but then they had what was required from a musical standpoint and there is no reason to believe this album would be different, is there? Well, that is what I am about to tell you about in the following paragraphs, so lets get on with it then.

Musically we are dealing with what is commonly known as gothic metal or perhaps rock, female fronted and melodic with plenty of keyboard usage with touches of synth-pop. The album reminds me a little of Canadian band The Birthday Massacre with the synth melodies going in the background and some other things, but the Germans are a bit heavier and less colourful than the Canadians. Their songs are fairly varied and they are ten if you count them, with strong production and good melodies they should appeal to those who enjoy the female fronted variety of rock music. The vocalist is quite good and I think they have taken a few steps forwards compared with the debut four years ago – that however, does not mean that they have found a sound that feels distinctly like their own, they still sound a lot like too many other bands for me to be completely awed with how they sound.

They are good though and when you are good lack of originality becomes less of a thing and this album is really good with great songs and strong melodies. I like the synths they use to spice it all up and I like how catchy the album is, it is certainly an album well worth checking out for those who like female fronted metal music. I especially think that the opening track To Atlantis is a great opener and might be the best track of the album, I also think that the track called Portrait Enemy is a standout track on an album consisting of only strong track. The only weakness is that nagging lack of originality that we don’t need to bug on anymore about right now, they will need to address that sometime though, but with their current evolutionary path it might work out for them.

In short I think this is an album to check out, it may be among the ten best of the year this far and rivalling the great Birthday Massacre’s latest effort and that is no small feat, it may not have the same finesse as the Canadian’s but there is much to enjoy from the Germans as well. And I am sure it is an album that will tame some metal hearts, which means that they have what it takes.





Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: The Birthday Massacre/Nightwish/Evenoire

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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