The Omega

1. Initium
2. Alienati
3. Offerings
4. The Abdication
5. The Pledge
6. Into the Eye
7. Awakenings
8. Totentanz
9. Deathsworn
10. Revelations

Emil Kyrk – Vocals
Fredrik Jordanius – Guitars
Dennis Zielinski – Organs, mellotrons, synthesizers
Mikael Bielinski – Bass
Markus Johansson - Drums

Electric (2011)
Mount Egonaut (2013)
Deluminati (2015)


Mixed and co-produced by MRG Produktion
Artwork by Adrian Baxter
New logo by Costin Chioreanu

Released 2017-11-03
Reviewed 2017-11-27


mighty music

I just ordered a vinyl version of this album, that should tell you all your really need to know about it – it is a good choice. The Omega is the fourth album by Swedish band Egonaut, a band that was brought to life in 2006 and then was given new life in 2016 with new vocalist Emil Kyrk. The cover looks terrific and someone described it as sounding a bit like Ghost but more powerful – I don’t really know Ghost so I cannot really comment on the likeness but doom or stoner rock are good ways to describe the kind of music offered by Egonaut.

Stoner, doom, a bit of classic rock music and some touches of sludge are all ways to describe how this album sounds. It is an album spanning a decent musical range, the vocalist is good with the stoner or doom kind of vocal style – fits the music brilliantly. And on the subject of brilliant, that is a brilliant way to describe the production of this album. It is varied and keep you listening for the entire duration that happens to be 51 minutes split on ten tracks, ten good tracks I should add. The Omega is a quality production with plenty of depth and strong fascinating music.

And as you already noted from the first paragraph it is an album that I recommend, I have already ordered it and that should be the best proof of how interesting this album is. It fills all the criteria for a good purchase, it has a great cover and it sounds excellent. All the tracks are really strong and I would say that the album has no discernable weaknesses, sure you could probably find them if you look closely for them but then you have to be looking very closely and in general one doesn’t really look that close. Therefore I think it is a very safe bet for your next album purchase.

As I stated in the previous paragraph all the tracks are good but perhaps the third one called Offerings is a bit more memorable, at least to me. It is an atmospheric track that is heavy as hell; it is pure quality. I also think that the opening and ending tracks should be mentioned as the frame the album really well, and if you are not already convinced check out the two videos below this text and then ask yourself if you really can resist it.






Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Paradise Lost/Ghost/Candlemass

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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