Big Bang

1. March On (To The Beat Of Your Drum)
2. Bring It On
3. Turn Up The Heat
4. Walk The Talk
5. Hooked On You
6. Beg Borrow And Steal
7. Big Bang
8. All Bark No Bite
9. Got My Eyes On You
10. Dangertown
11. Rock n' Roll Ain't Dead

Mattis - Vocals, guitar
Sebastian - Guitar
Adam - Bass
Joans - Drums

Lock N Load (2013)
Blackout Station (2014)


Produced and recorded by Mankan Sedenberg in PAMA Studios
Co-written by Andreas Carlsson

Released 2017-09-01
Reviewed 2017-08-12


“These guys sound exactly like AC/DC” I read that comment on youtube in relation to one of their videos and that really says all that is needed to say about this album – it sounds exactly like something from AC/DC. Perhaps slightly better, like they have taken the premise of AC/DC and improved it – probably with help from a co-writer of the songs and a good producer. It is the third album by this Swedish band and it has me wondering how come there are so many AC/DC clones among Swedish bands. Then I can just look out my window or take a drive near where I live and it isn’t as strange anymore, as there are many of their targeted audience around here. So what about this new album then, is it as explosive as the title would seem to indicate?

Well, not really. There are no surprises; the first quote really says all there is to it. Everything sounds like AC/DC, from vocals to riffs and sound. Really well crafted handiwork, not artwork – strong performances and good sound, it is an album that should appeal to the targeted audience. And probably to anyone looking for some background music to have in the garage when working on the car and perhaps as music to play on the road to said garage. It is excellent background music but when listening more closely at it I find that it looses much of its appeal. And as someone who has as a mission to analyse music I find that in my analysis it is very difficult to find anything that is really the band Dynamite, what are they all about?

To me they seem to be all about sounding like their idols, to do as similar music to them as possible. And they do it really well and for AC/DC fans it is a given choice, probably the best choice and for all the bikers and those that are most susceptible to music of this kind I am sure it is a great choice. Personally the standardised AC/DC rock isn’t among my top choices but I have to admit that I like this, perhaps better than anything similar that I have heard and there are some really great songs here, like Hooked on You that I find to be a really enjoyable track and the most memorable thing of this album.

In the end it may not be among my favourite albums in the world, but I doubt I was the targeted audience and I like it a lot better than I thought I would after the first time I heard it. Dynamite makes a decent bang and I think their new album is well worth a spin in your record player and in the end the first thing I wrote is the only thing you need to know; “these guys sound exactly like AC/DC.”




Label: Dynamite Productions / Cargo
Three similar bands: AC/DC /Bonafide/Bullet
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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